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Share Your World, April 30, 2018

It’s Monday again, time for Cee’s Share Your World Challenge!

Cee asks: Do you  use paper money?  If so is your money organize sequentially according to denomination?

When I have cash I’ll use it and I do try to keep it in sequential order because I read somewhere that if your money was in order your life would be in order. I mostly use a debit/credit card.

Cee asks:  you are comfortable doing nothing?  For long stretches of time?

Well I have my lazy days and if I’m burnt out writing or done all the housework I want to do, or just got off of work with Stephanie, then yeah I’m perfectly happy unplugging in front of the TV for two or three hours. Most f that time I’m on my iPad, crocheting, cracking pecans or something. I also get up and move around every hour so my back and neck don’t start hurting.

Cee asks:  What is your greatest strength?

Gee, I’m not sure, the desire to help others I would say. I have always wanted to be in other people’s service, I worked in the medical field in the Army, then for 15 years at the cancer center, and now I work for Stephanie. I’m a wife, mother, sister and helped out my Mom when she was sick and now I try to be there a lot for my Dad.

Cee asks:  what did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story or even a combination.

My man in action at the golf course

My husband was off of work and I appreciated that he asked me to go drive him around the golf course. On top of that, a fellow joined us halfway through the game and let me putt for him!!! I don’t even play golf unless you count putt putt, lol! I thought it was so cool and it put the icing on the cake of my day. (Of course my husband thinks the old guy was just a flirt, but I thought he was being nice and trying to teach me something) I did pretty good too on one of the holes, put it in in 2 shots!




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