A Little Bit of Perspective…

Nikki is a great example of what sticking with it is all about! Persistence pays off!

Low Carb Nikki

For this Face to Face Friday I’ve planned this photo I like to call ‘A Little Bit of Perspective’! These are three shots spanning the last 6 years.

The first shot came up in my Facebook memories recently, some of you might remember me posting it and is of me at ideal weight May 2012, 6 years ago. The second is of me on our trip to Phuket, May 2016 after 4 years of steady weight gain. I honestly do not know how much I weighed in this photo but I continued to gain weight and was even bigger than this when I started low carb. The third shot was taken about a week ago May 2018 and shows me after only 1 year and 4 months on low carb/keto and having lost nearly 40kgs/88lbs in that time!

I still have a lot of weight left to lose but for…

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