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Multiple Prompt Story 19 July 2018

God bless America, it truly is the dog days of summer out there today! I hope you all are drinking copious amounts of fluid and staying in where it’s cool (if you live where the temps are reaching 109 like us here in Texas), some places registered 114! So, anyhoo, I am late with tonight’s post, as I have been studying, swimming, Nd otherwise laying around today trying to conserve energy.

Brought to you as usual by the 3TC and the WOD, today’s prompt words will be bolded. Let’s get on with it:

Hot Summer Nights

The boy walked down the street feeling the warm, sussurous breeze on his neck as well as the butterflies in his stomach. He was on his way to the school dance, the last one of the year. It was a disco, he was nervous about that, but more nervous since his crush Kayla would be there. Would she even notice him? He picked a June bug off his new Abercrombie shirt, why did they call them June bugs when they started arriving in May?


2 thoughts on “Multiple Prompt Story 19 July 2018

  1. The Haunted Wordsmith says:

    Good story! Just a little pingback p.s.a. shortened urls don’t register as a pingback. Just saying, in case you participate and I don’t respond. Don’t want you to think I would be ignoring you. 🙂

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