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What is The Ketogenic Diet?

The science behind the Ketogenic Diet:
The keto diet causes the human body to enter a state of ketosis which means that the body produces energy by the process known as ketogenesis. ketogenesis occurs mainly in the liver, where fat is metabolized to produce ketone bodies which are used to power the body. Ketogenesis depends on the levels of carbohydrate that is available. If an adequate amount of carbohydrate is available, the body metabolizes it and uses it immediately, as fuel. If excess carbohydrate is available, a portion is metabolized to produce energy for immediate use, a potion is converted to glycogen and stored in the liver and muscles for use between meals when necessary and the excess carbohydrate is converted to fat by the liver and stored in fat calls.Ketogenic Diet

The body cannot burn fat directly, it needs to use glucose or…

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2 thoughts on “Keto? Why/ information share

  1. i once researched the problem with sugar and why it’s so bad. It’s basically what it says up there. sugar is part glucose, part fructose . glucose converts to energy while fructose – most of it, not all – converts to fat. too much fructose and you have too much fat in the liver …. i can’t remember the whole process right now,but that’s the basics.

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