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Searching For Neon Lights

This post is in response to the Word of the Day provided by Dee Kelly over at Thriving not Surviving.

My own photo of our game room and the new crown moulding

The game room is empty right now but Dave just installed the finishing touch, crown mould-looking nice as it is, but will soon be painted to match the wainscoting. I can’t wat to re-home the ugly recliners taking up precious playing room. The wall is empty too, we have been searching for some neon lights/signs to make it feel like an authentic game room. I love our flooring we installed three years ago, it is completely waterproof (which has been “tested” by the way), goes down like wood floor, yet it’s a vinyl product. So easy to keep clean!

This is a great room when we have the rare company, my whole family plays pool as do some of our friends. As most of you know, my dad has a pool table also, so we play at each other’s houses often.

Hopefully, he hasn’t lost his steam for the day, he had planned to paint that crown, but the pool needs cleaning, yard needs mowing, and golf is on tv…..we will see. 😊


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