Join in the Fun!

Theres no rule saying we can’t post multiple pics for the same prompt! Since I’ve been doing way too much sitting around, I’ve been busy on another page. If I keep this up, I’ll need new coloring pens soon! Lol-that’s just an excuse to go shopping 🛍 right?!

Without further ado:

This is obviously not your typical butterfly. I did a mixture again of colored pencils and gel pens. What do you think?

if you want to play along, just go to Linda G Hill’s Escapist Coloring Club and follow the rules. 😊

We think Coloring is relaxing and kind of therapeutic!


12 thoughts on “Join in the Fun!

  1. You’re so welcome just watch out it’s very addicting I’m on my fifth one now and I have another one when this one’s done! They are great to give as gifts and I’ve even thought about making one to raise money for my PKD walk!


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