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WOD Challenge-11-12-19-Utterly

Word of the Day Challenge


I am utterly surprised and proud of myself that I have been writing for 12 days in a row, I am right on schedule, and I fixed the issue with the word count!! Seems all I had to do was sign out, change my password and sign back in! Now everything is good, my word count is being displayed properly and today’s total stands at 19,198!! Now, if my right shoulder would just stop aching, I would be in business, lol. Maybe after moving my location to the couch with the laptop comfortably in reach (it’s in my lap on a lapboard) it won’t hurt tomorrow. We will see.

How is everyone else doing that is participating in NaNoWriMo? I hope it’s going swimmingly!

It is super cold here this morning, at 6am it was 23 degrees. At least we have sunshine today, yea!! I must get out of the house today and run a few errands, I’m not looking forward to that, but I can do it.

Say a prayer for my youngest, he has been diagnosed with a case of strep and the flu at the same time!! Poor guy works too hard is the problem!! He needs to rest and now unfortunately, he is forced to. He is too old for Mama to take care of, but his girl Becky is doing a stand-up job from what I hear. Thank you Becky!!! Thankfully, she was off yesterday and got him to the clinic where he was given medication. He would have never gone on his own, he said he hurt so bad he literally couldn’t move!


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