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SoCS and JusJoJan-1-11-20 Stormy, Crazy Weather

What a challenge Linda G Hill has given us today! If you want to play along, here are the rules:

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “the first 3 words of the first full sentence.” Okay, follow me here. This is what I want you to do: 1. Grab the closest book to you when you sit down to write your post. 2. Open it to a random page. 3. Locate the first complete sentence on that page. 4. Use the first three words of that sentence to start your post, then take it from there–write whatever comes to mind. That’s it! Have fun!

The book I’m currently reading on my Kindle (where I read most) is “Cold-Blooded: Killer Nashville Noir” by multiple authors including Jeffery Deaver, Anne Perry, and Donald Blain


And then there was a huge flash of lightning followed by a crash of thunder, yet the wind they were saying should be here just wasn’t. We were under a tornado warning, yet nothing was happening except rain, thunder, and the occasional flash of lightning. We kept our eyes glued to the news and weather, not bothering to go jump in the closet with all three pets because, well we live in Texas in one of the hottest areas of the metroplex, due to all the concrete. Tornadoes happen, just not in our neighborhoods.

We continued to watch way longer than was necessary, to the point of complete and utter boredom. It continued to rain all night but the supposed danger had passed, although the weather men wanted us to believe the danger was eminent, we gave up and went in the game room to play pool. It wasn’t likely we were getting any company on this wild and crazy night, so we had to entertain ourselves and I wanted to get off the couch for a while.

This morning the weather had turned from warm and wet to cold and windy, as I was typing my story my husband said from the kitchen, “It’s snowing!” I turned to look out of the dining room window and sure enough, snow was falling from the sky. It didn’t last long though, by the time I texted my three sons to the fact, it was over. They say we may get more flurries on and off all day, yet compared to tornadoes and heavy thunderstorms, a few snowflakes seem pretty tame.


Thanks to Linda for this prompt and all the others this month. Go to her website if you’d like to join in, it’s a great way to meet new and interesting bloggers!


12 thoughts on “SoCS and JusJoJan-1-11-20 Stormy, Crazy Weather

  1. Glad no tornadoes came close to you. The weather was crazy here last night, too. Lots of wind, then we had about an inch of snow overnight. It will all melt away by this afternoon, I’m thinking. 🙂

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    • We’re in Lubbock TX. I like seeing snow occasionally, but mostly glad it melts off quick. It’s all gone now except in the shady areas of the yard. Ya’ll are around the Dallas area, aren’t you? We have friends in McKinney, and they were hunkering down & had hail last night, too.

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  2. No, I’m actually in North Richland Hills, a suburb of Ft Worth. We hate to get lumped in with Dallas-ites, lol! OOOOhhhh Lubbock is really cold and gets a lot of storms, I do not think I could handle it there. You are a brave woman!

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