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WOD Challenge-1-15-20 I Have a New Office!

My new desk!

I Have a New Office

Well, thanks to my hubby Dave, my desk made its appearance a day early, so as soon as he returned from his run, he saw it waiting on the porch.
When I returned from my walk, he was already hard at work putting it together! I was shocked and surprised that he even felt up to it, but you know what they say about your adrenaline once it gets pumping!

I assisted where needed and in a couple of hours, he was done.


Laid out for easy identification

The man at work


The first part of the “L” almost done

Now, I don’t know how it is such a coincidence that the Word of the Day Challenge prompt keeps coinciding with my life, yet it’s happened again. I can now say the remodeling of my office is complete! My Christmas present has been signed, sealed, delivered, and even built, installed in a fresh, newly remodeled space.

What do you think of the new office colors? I love them, and already I’ve been looking at how to spruce up my new office suite. Depending on my needs, I may have him put up a shelf or two, or I may buy something to set on the desk for extra storage. We will see. I’m so excited to get going, the desk has so much room I can write AND do my Diamond Art Paintings or other crafts on it! There is a hidden shelf underneath, and I now have my own hanging file folder drawer!

This weekend, we will probably go look for a chair for me, I’m currently sitting in the hubby’s, and floor mats or a rug to protect the new flooring (which I picked out as well as the paint colors-lavender and cream). I am no designer though, so I welcome input on making this a productive, as well as inviting and inspiring space!


Some plants maybe, or a beautiful picture for the wall. I have to cool my jets and wait to pull all my junk out of the closet until we get the chair and mats (or rug) because I don’t want to have to move everything around twice. I want to take my time and do it nice, become more organized and have a proper place for everything. Then maybe the ideas will flow. One thing I know I need right away is a mouse pad…I think we have one around here somewhere…In addition, I don’t want to roll this chair around on the new floor too much until we have protection from the wheels under it.

I’m using the picture from Wayfair above as inspiration for what my space could look like-ideas are bubbling in my brain already!

Tell me your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions! I can’t wait to hear your input!


His side of the office

The window wall and the closet

(I just wanted to show you the rest of the office so you know what all we have to work with. Yes, this will be a shared space, so it needs to be a functional, happy place for both of us)

PS-that thing in the corner is a craft chest of drawers that could be moved or repurposed. Right now it’s full of craft supplies and the closet is lined with shelves holding all the rest of them, plus all my folders, papers, notebooks, etc.


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