Day 5 of the 30-Day Writing Challenge by Toots


Daily Routine

Obviously, I’m not dong this 30-day challenge on a daily basis, yet here I am with number 5 on the list anyway.

Upon waking, I usually check emails on my iPad before I ever get out of bed, this helps me prioritize my time. Then I stumble into the dressing area and take the first of the 6 pills I take in the morning. Luckily, only one is a prescription, the rest are supplements. After that I decide contact (yes I only wear one) or glasses and head to the kitchen where I make one or the other-apple cider vinegar tea, or coffee. Both are a process, but I have it so down pat now that I can drink my ACV tea while I’m preparing my coffee, by the time it’s done, I have finished the tea. I only drink the ACV tea a few days a week, to detox my liver and help me maintain my weight.

While I’m making the coffee, I apply coconut oil to my legs from the knees down, this my little dog Whiskey likes to lick off and that is how my morning starts. she is in such a habit (Brandy sometimes joins in) that she will gripe at me if I don’t remember. I know it sounds weird, but that is how I get the coconut oil into her, which is as good for her coat and insides as it is for me. Most of my readers know how I drink my coffee; with coconut oil, grass-fed butter, sweetener like Stevia, a dash of Ceylon cinnamon, and a smidge of pure vanilla extract. Then I whip it up in my Ninja blender cup and pour it into my thermos coffee cup, it lasts all morning without going cold!

Most of the time after that I head straight into my home office and sit down to blog, answer blogs and emails, and do my writing for the day. Sometimes it’s just the blog(s) and sometimes its blogs + an assignment on Medium. When I have opportunities, I write for magazines or other paying publications, but I have not had any work like that in a while. Most of the time, I submit previously written pieces to paying contests, hoping to win. That is not paying me anything, but writing on Medium is starting to pay of, even just a little.

Sometimes if I need a break, I will do a bit of housework or work on a Diamond Art Painting project. Sometimes, I get out of here and go run errands, and other days, I go have lunch with Dad and hang out with him a while, it just varies. I know, I need to spend more time writing the kinds of articles that will make me some money, I have just not been inspired lately. It’s more fun to answer to challenges, or blog about the word of the day or whatever.

If I feel like I’m stiffening up, I will stop and do some exercise. Depending on how the day is shaping up, depends on when I take care of my personal hygiene, put on clothes and make-up and get ready for the day. There have been days I got so into what I was writing, I stay in my pajamas til lunch!

Later on when my husband gets home we either prepare dinner, eat leftovers, or go out to eat, depending on what day of the week it is. The rest of the night is usually spent watching tv and messing with games or something on our iPads, sometimes we break routine and play pool. Other times I may color in my adult coloring book on my next project for Linda G Hill’s Escapist Coloring Club. Every once in a blue moon I might try to crochet something, but I’m no good at it. I should practice more.

I always have water or ice tea next to me, my JUUL, and if I’m not eating a meal, I’m chewing gum or sucking on a sugar-free hard candy, but most of the time it’s nothing but a drink. Lots of days I completely skip lunch, but when I do, I’m freezing and ravenous by dinner. So I try to have a snack in that case.

Wow, after writing all this, I sound like a complete bore. I’m really not, at least I don’t think so, but when you are a writer, you do spend lots of time alone. Other than date night with my hubby and lunches with my dad, I do go to Bunco with friends once a month, and occasionally there are other social events on my calendar, I also volunteer once a month for my church’s mobile food pantry.



2 thoughts on “Day 5 of the 30-Day Writing Challenge by Toots

  1. A well-thought-out routine isn’t boring, though I suppose it can become monotonous. It is an essential element in achieving the most, especially when one is no longer young, fit, healthy, mobile, you name it, not up to par. So don’t apologise 🙂

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