WOD Challenge 5-6-20 Eating Out and Other Opportunities

Buenas dias y feliz mercoles!

Yesterday we had the opportunity to dine in at a bbq place called Soul Man’s. We enjoyed the chance to eat out, the servers wore masks, we did not, of course, kinda hard to eat with a mask on. We were separated from the main section of the restaurant, for social distancing. No need as it turned out, we were the only ones in the dining room. I am tired of living in fear.  Saturday, David and I ate at a Japanese Steakhouse, same scenario, we were sequestered at a lone table as these places are just now opening back up to the public very slowly. They seemed to have forgotten what it’s like to serve people, questioning us over and over about whether we really wanted to eat there or take it to go. It was delicious, and we were not afraid.

Courtesy of Pinterest

Today, I have the opportunity to write great words, not sure if I will get much done on that front, yet I will surely try. Later, I’m going to sister-in-law Connie’s house, whom I have not seen since the “pandemic” started. She is going to see if she can help me frame a Diamond Art picture I did for Chasity’s Christmas present since it’s still not framed! Connie has a lot of experience with saws and crafts, so I’m hoping we will get er done today. It will be nice to see her in any event. Tired of hiding in the house. My ability to access my email on my laptop has been denied to me again this morning, so I am working with the iPad and the laptop together to get this here blog and my other writing done. I hate technology sometimes. My laptop is always giving me fits!

Chasity’s picture-God Save the Queen

I hope you all take your opportunities where you find them and you all have a good day! Looking forward to tonight for Survivor and then tomorrow is date night…hoping Frijoles is finally open so we can dine in and I can make up for missing Cinco de Mayo yesterday! I’m anxious to practice some Spanish with our favorito camerero! This behavior may sound reckless to some of you, however, I have the opportunity to live like normal and I for one am going to take it!


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4 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 5-6-20 Eating Out and Other Opportunities

  1. Dad attempted to go to frijoles yesterday, and while they were open the line for take out with long. He did say there were people sitting in there to meet but not very many. He ended up leaving though so I had Cheerios for dinner for Cinco de Mayo!! Although Christina did make me some guacamole for lunch! So glad that you went out again! I watched about 12 mins. of the video that you posted. Heard-that-from-our-friend in Arizona. a friend not our friend. I just want to live my life and not here about it anymore! It is scaring people not to believe and also the people who believe in shoes

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    • I will probably call during the day sometime to see if they are open for dine in guests before we venture out. We need to be allowed to think for ourselves is my opinion and AMERICA needs to wake up and take our power back before we are living in a communist country. It’s all very scary. I will not get a vaccine, he’ll, I don’t even get flu shots because of what they started putting in them many years ago. I’m starting to think my son Sean has been right about a lot more than I gave him credit for, yet how do we fight the government? All I can think of to do is use social media and my blog to warn people what is really happening out there.
      In other news, Josh is working with a friend to finish out a house for the next two or three days, let’s hope it blossoms into something more.
      I’m sorry you had Cheerios for Cinco de Mayo! We forgot all about it, but I did drink too much wine, lol. Seems to be a trend lately 🤣 At least I’m getting out for walks several times a week. 😊 Have a good night, oh, Connie is going to frame your picture for me! Sometime next week, she is a very busy woman!

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      • Excited about Connie going to make a frame for me for the picture! Yesterday was a day of prayer, so my church did a FB live video where each one of them for every hour on the hour would pray for the government, healthcare workers, 1st responders, comfort for family and friends who have lost blowup the ones, and those who are suffering from the virus! And at the end of it they did a praise and worship concert! It was absolutely amazing! I am so confused about what is right or what is wrong concerning the virus, I am just keeping my trust in him! If the government is steering us wrong. Money is the root, and when people are given power a lot of times they ran with it and guess who get screwed over!) They are going to get what’s coming to them! Sorry to be sounding like such a Bible beater! Hope that everything works well with Josh’s job

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      • No, he didn’t go in either day but swears he’s gonna work with the guy next week. Whatever, I’m so over it and sick of hearing it. That I keep praying for, but He must have a different plan for Joshua.
        Yes, I’m excited for her to make your frame too, it’s going to look great I’m sure!
        Well, I took Dad for a haircut, stayed and played pool for a bit and then watched a couple of episodes of Barney Miller. Now I feel like I need a walk, so I’m going to go push myself around the block, lol. Ttyl, oh, I never got ahold of the chamber about the beach wheelchair, maybe tomorrow 😊


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