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SoCS 07-10-21 Hoping We Get Lucky

Today we take on another prompt from Linda G Hill with this Stream of Consiousness instruction:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “hope.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Man, I hope everything goes off without a hitch next weekend, as Dave has made us reservations at Winstar World Casino for a short getaway!

Photo credit: Wikipedia

I’m also hoping we get lucky and win a little, but it will be nice to stay at the resort more than a few hours. This place has an amazing swimming pool, golf course, great restaurants and, of course, a beautiful casino. I’m not one for gambling much, but we don’t go very often, so I plan on having fun!

My hope is that Dad is taken care of while we are gone, the dogs get seen to by my brother or one of the kids, since Brandy is a bit under the weather. After a spendy day at the vet, she now has medicine and special shampoo to combat a skin infection she gets every summer around this time! Poor baby. She is covered in bumps, scabs, won’t stop scratching. She’s miserable, but hopefully by next weekend, she’ll be feeling much better.

Let the weather cooperate, and the stars align for us to have a little time away together! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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