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Not a Ghost of a Chance 10-13-21

Halloween Challenge

Last night, I told Dave that I hadn’t done squat because it had been “one of those days” with Dad. It wasn’t true, however, I managed to do two blog posts, my Spanish lessons (like every day), the laundry, take care of all of Dad’s needs (like every day), exercises, and even cooked supper because Dave said he would be home late. I even got a few minutes of doing my lastest Diamond Art project, which is better than no time at all.

I may not have done any extra writing, and there’s not a ghost of a chance of me studying transcription right now, but guess what? It’s not that important. We are doing fine. I wouldn’t have time to fit a job in right now anyway, so I may as well pick it up sometime in the future, when I do. I have the course forever! None of my extra writing has made me much, it’s basically been good practice. I work as hard or as little as I want on Medium and still have never made even $5 for the month. Why worry and stress myself about it.

Puff pancake before it settled.
Ready to slice into four pieces.

This morning, I made us a delicious puff pancake in the oven that we both enjoyed. It was even keto! It made enough for four, but we each had one, some bacon, and half a peach and we were full! That’s important. Before I came in here to work, I did Dad’s exercises. That’s important. I got a shower today. That’s important. Like I said on Facebook to a friend yesterday about learning something new every day, I’m learning how to be more tolerant, patient, and how best to communicate with my dad. Those are the important things!

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a Halloween post, but hey, I did use the prompt word. 😉

How about a lyric?

There once was an ambilevant ghost

Who didn’t care much for his host

She sang all day long

Some stupid rock song

Even when he was shrieking the most!

Hahahahahaha, ok, now it’s a Halloween post!


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