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SoCS and WOD Challenges 5-21-22

Scanning barcodes is sometimes a pain.


I remember when, during the pandemic, restaurant menus turned into barcodes you had to scan to decide what you wanted to order to eat.

I always hated it because all you have is your phone to read the menu, and it was hard to read clearly on that little phone. Some people may have thought it a cool, new way to access the menu, but i always thought it inconvenient.

For the same reason restaurants did that, doctors offices got rid of magazines, to cut down to germs from people’s hands…which we were all washing fastidiously. The whole thing made no sense to me. Again, we were reduced to waiting forever with nothing to read or look at but content on our tiny phones. It was enough to give you a headache!

While waiting on customers at our estate sale today, the last day, I scanned the room and all that was left after people had come and gone and was left with a clear sense of melancholy and the realization that this was all that was left of my parent’s things and all I have now is the memories.

On the other hand, I had lots of old and new friends come by, reminisce, and make a few purchases and I love them for that. So the experience was bittersweet, but necessary to help along my grief journey. I am ready now to move on to the process of selling the house. We are so blessed to have friends in the business of real estate and investing, I know it will be a quick and easy process.

I appreciate the help with the sale by my brother’s friends at his church. One worked for hours in the garage and was instrumental in making most of the outside sales. Another helped me inside with the cashbox and the pricing of all the inside items. I thanked them but feel like I should do something more to show my appreciation. I was just so emotionally drained I needed to leave. Clearly, they do it for the love of helping friends, but still, they should be compensated somehow. Dave bought lunch for everyone yesterday and Kevin bought breakfast today. Maybe we could send them home with whatever they wanted from the sale for free?

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