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What’s That White Stuff Falling From the Sky?

My friend’s daughter Brandi and her baby Luke in Poolville

At a friend’s in Granbury

At Becky’s mom’s house in Granbury

All morning I have been seeing on social media how everyone in the surrounding area, like Grandbury, Arlington, and Poolville, have snow on the ground while us hot little things in North Richland Hills are being denied.

So, we went about our business of watching online church, preparing Sunday dinner — a cheesy chicken casserole— and pretty much figured we weren’t going to get anything. Then, for a few moments, we were treated to what I thought was an illusion at first, then I realized it really was flakes coming down. For now, it has stopped, but they say we have a chance until 6pm.


I guess intermittent flakes and small snow showers are better than nothing. Besides, I want David home with me, and if it snowed enough to cause problems, he might have to go into work. So for that reason, I’m fine with no snow. It is pretty to look at, but I’m a beach kind of girl, so I prefer sand to snow anyway! 😎


Brought to you by the prompt words cheese and illusion.

Word of the Day Challenge

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Covering it All Using Prompts

To handle today’s SOCS and the Word of the Day challenge, and get in my JusJoJan post, I’ll give you the ground rules and a warning.

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “sky’s the limit.” Write about something that has or seems to have no end. Enjoy!


Blogging could go on forever! There are endless topics to blog about, and millions of bloggers eager for the chance to write about them. It’s a very competitive market, unless you do it for the pure passion of writing. Lots of people try to monetize their blogs and some are successful. Some people just use it as a sort of daily diary or journal.

Some blogs inform, others tell fabulous stories, and others use prompts like this one to get us in the habit of daily writing and using our old noggins. I feel like you have to talk about something interesting, you also have to know your audience, or your blog isn’t going to have much success. On the other hand, it’s a great community of like minded people (whom I feel are my friends) that support and encourage each other.

My warning is just that if you want to start a blog, go for it, but realize it’s not only fun and educational, it’s addicting and you may never get enough of it. It’s your baby, it needs to be nurtured and cared for, just like plants in the garden. Mine needs many improvements, I need to clean house and get rid of or update old posts and pictures to make room for new posts. The “happiness engineers” at WP can help with this chore, as well as other bloggers who are just as passionate about the technical side of things. I may need to reach out to them and get my questions answered. How do you delete posts and should you to make more room? How do you know which ones to delete?

While I’m off figuring all of that out, y’all have a productive, safe, Saturday! We are supposed to get snow tomorrow, but here in Texas, we take a “I’ll believe it when I see it” attitude about such forecasts. 😘


Word of the Day Challenge
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How Would You Like That?

Would you like this jentacular cup of joe?

It’s made with coconut oil, you know!

Or maybe you’d like a bit of cream

Makes your coffee a real dream

However you take it

I’ll be happy to make it

So happy you’re part of the team!!


Word of the Day Challenge

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I Wish I Was at the Beach. JusJoJan & Word of the Day

What is more mesmerizing than watching the waves roll in and back out to sea? I wish I was there right now, because all of you who know or follow me, know I HATE cold, and it isn’t even that cold yet!!

If the JustJoJan prompt is still caught, I guess I would be caught daydreaming that I was spending a carefree, stress free day at the beach instead of watching the turmoil that is going on in our beloved country right now.

So, tonight was date night, which means, of course, that I’ve had a margarita. So in my mind, I’m already there. At the beach. Concentrating on catching the next big wave, soaking up some sun, and contemplating what I want to drink with dinner. Not worrying about a thing. Being mesmerized by the repetition of the motion of the ocean…bliss!

Is it 2024 yet? Cause I really want to skip to the end please.

Word of the Day Challenge

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Word of the Day and JusJoJan 01-06-21

Yesterday was very awkward as I did my routine in a different order than normal. trying to mix it up for a change. As a result, supper was late getting made, my studies were rife with difficulties, yet I still managed to accomplish a few things.

Laundry got done, supper was edible, and I finished the block 89 interviews (WHEW) that felt like they would never end. I had to finish them using the hot keys because my pedal wouldn’t work. Grrr! Before that, it took me forever to get my earbuds to connect! Then, when I started the new grouping of practice interview tapes, I couldn’t hear them! UGH!

I have put the question to the Facebook group for us transcription students, asking if they are testing how well we can hear poor audio or what? I hope that is not the case, or it’s going to be a long practice session tomorrow.

Today I’m with Dad. So no work is getting done except this here blog. His appointment to get his repaired hearing aids is at 10am, then we will probably do lunch and then go to the store. If I can get back in time, I may attempt a session before dinner. We will be eating leftovers, so at least I don’t have to cook today!

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