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SoCS 03-27-21 Work, Work, Work

So Linda gives us a prompt every week and here is today’s:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “run.” Use it as a noun, a verb, use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Well, I couldn’t run to save my life with these wonky knees of mine, yet somehow they have (so far) been holding up for a ton of yard work yesterday and today! I’m terribly sore and tired, but so happy because I have not been able to make a dent in yard projects for a long time without my knee swelling, or starting to hurt, which stops me in my tracks.

After the “snowmageddon” we were left with a bunch of dead bushes and other plants, and we wanted them gone anyway. So I proceeded to take matters into my own hands and get started on them. Actually, I started last weekend with the three bushes on the driveway side of our house. After exhausting myself on the first two, Dave came out and helped me finish the rest.

This weekend was the three on the opposite side of the house, and they were tougher because of all the ground cover the previous owners had planted. We want all of it gone so we can fill the beds with rock and maybe some potted plants. That way, they can be rescued from the weather once it gets cold again. Anyway, yesterday when I got done, I had overdone it and my back hurt something fierce. I made myself stop for the day and could hardly move last night but we played a few games of pool so we wouldn’t stiffen up from sitting too much. I had a few good runs but quickly ran out of gas! I got this much done yesterday:

Today, I tackled the leaves, but the vines made it hard work and the stumps were in my way. Dave came and used the chainsaw to chop them low to the ground but ran out of gas when it came to chopping and digging them out. I was worn out too, so we got this much done and called it quits. He was already tired from taking Down a humongous bush on the other corner of the house.

Looking better but still a long ways to go. 

Proof of all our hard work

The remainder of the giant red tipped bush that reached all the way to the roof!

All that and laundry too, plus errands and yesterday working my volunteer job. It’s been a pretty productive weekend! Ready for a rest and possibly probably an adult beverage later. 😉

Have a good weekend everyone, peace out! 

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WOD Challenge 03-25-21 Achievement

So, if my friend lives in Paradise, Texas, is she a paradisiac? 🤣🤣

I have an announcement:

Woo hoo! I’ve been studying my Spanish for a year now, 365 days in a row with no missed days! So proud of myself, but of course, I have the pandemic to thank. I doubt I would have stayed with it had I not been stuck mainly at home with nowhere to go but study and write. And, I leveled up as well!

I can now read short sentences and stories, but I’m lacking in actually speaking the words in public. I can say them, I can roll my “r”s, and my accent is pretty good. So why am I so shy? I guess I need to pick a few phrases and practice saying them to the dogs lol. They are very good listeners. 😉

Chocolate chip with pecans

Yesterday, I made some cookies that finally look and taste more like the real thing! Well, to me anyway, Dave wasn’t in the mood to sample them last night, so we’ll see what he says. After I sample a cold one this morning, if they still taste right to me, I’ll share some with my dad and see what he thinks ☺️

Peace out, y’all! Have a happy Thursday! 

Word of the Day Challenge

Photo credit: Unsplash

Dear Teresa

Yes, this is an open letter to you, however, all my blogger buddies know you are my long, lost friend, so don’t worry.

How’s it going? I haven’t talked to you in a while, so I wanted to check in and make sure things are going well for you.

I had a birthday on the 12th, so now I’m 60 but that’s ok, age is just a number, right?!

As far as I’m concerned, you are as young as you feel, and I feel pretty good so far. My flexibility is great still. I can hug my knees to my chest and bend down to touch my toes. That means everything is pretty much in working order. I doubt I can do the move the lady is doing in the picture, but maybe later I’ll give it a try. (not!!!)

Also, the plethora of pills and supplements I take on a daily basis doesn’t hurt either. They help keep my knee from hurting for the most part. 😉  I give most of the credit to Tumeric supplements and my new arthritis medication (Diflunisal).

I even worked some in the yard over the weekend without my knee swelling, (Although I almost passed out from the heat and sun exposure) so that is good news. Of course, I was hacking up bushes and not doing any squatting or bending, so that is probably why. I took out two down to stumps and raked up a large bag of leaves before Dave came and rescued me by getting the last one and doing the bundling of all the twigs and branches.

Once we cooled off and took a much-needed shower, we went downtown and had a lovely dinner with the gift card my oldest son Sean gave me for my birthday. It was to PF Chang’s and the meal was good, but our waitress could have been better. I had a delicious adult beverage that was supposed to be a coconut cooler, but it was more like dessert and bothered my stomach the rest of the night. It tasted like coconut flavored sweetened condensed milk on ice with rum. I don’t do sugar on a regular basis, or real milk either because they don’t like my stomach. Oh well, lesson learned!

I’m still working when I can on my transcription lessons. I’m hoping to be done by the end of Spring. I’m doing time coding now and I hate it! One more module after this one and it will be time for the final. I’m so ready! After this, I have to get back to it.

How about you? What is your good news lately? How’s the farm? What about your crafts? Have you been out to eat lately? I want to hear everything! I miss you so much and I hate that we live so far away. We must FaceTime again real soon! I know you are busy, so just let me know when the best time would be.

Love ya, girl! Peace out!

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WOD Challenge 03-22-21 Dear Teresa

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WOD Challenge 03-18-21 Queer

My Thoughts on the Word Queer

When I was young, I was very sheltered. My eyes weren’t open to the ways of the world until I enlisted in the military. There, I learned more than just drugs, sex, and rock and roll, I learned about homosexuality, or what we used to call gay, or queer men and women.

It was a whirlwind education to say the least! My roommate at my permanent party station in Colorado was a gay woman, and once I knew what that meant, I made my feelings clear from the beginning, and we got along just fine. In fact, I often wonder where she is and how she’s doing as wild as we all were back then. She was my friend and she respected my feelings and I hers.

I didn’t even know how to breach this subject, being confronted with the Word of the Day challenge, so as usual, I fall back on personal experiences. I don’t like the word queer, even using it in a different context. Like, “Don’t you find it queer that we live in such an upside-down world these days?” I would rather use any other word like crazy, or ludicrous; bizarre even.

Now, I could tell lots of stories about my Army days but, let me just say, my feelings are quite different than they used to be on the subject. When I was young, I was idealistic and figured to each his own. I didn’t care what people identified as, long as they didn’t try to convert me, or make me do anything I didn’t want to. And no, I never experimented like some people do, I was way too heterosexual for that. Boy crazy is what I was. 😉

Today things are different. The world is different. I still try to look for the good in people, but I am not as gullible as I used to be. I believe what I believe and leave others to their own beliefs on the subject. I don’t understand how things in this world have gotten so out of whack. I mean, how are Dr. Seuss books bad and two female celebrities grinding on each other at the Grammy’s is supposed to be wholesome entertainment??? And I don’t even know what they “identify” as, not that it matters.

I just live by the golden rule, try to mind my own business, help others when I can, and pray others do the same.

(Now, I wasn’t even going to write about today’s Word of the Day, and I answered from my heart the best I knew how. I could have made up some silly poem, or done some kind of informational kind of post, but this is my blog and I don’t want to be afraid of expressing my feelings for fear of offending anyone. Today, it seems we cannot talk about anything without offending someone. No one reading this can argue the fact that we are living in some crazy times. The best we can hope for is to be loved and respected for who we are as individuals. I try to do that every day. Treat each other with kindness and the world just might be a better place!)

Peace out, have a blessed day everyone!



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