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This or That…Tag!

Stolen from Suze’s blog

Tag….I’m it apparently, lol.

Ok, I’m gonna play now, not sure if I did this right but my understanding is we are playing a Q&A game and we are to copy the questions and give our answers. I like these because we get to know our fellow bloggers! Anyway, here’s mine!

By the way, I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful Memorial Day-please take a moment to honor our vets (of which I am one) and those currently serving to keep our country free. 🇺🇸



The Questions

Dog or Cat? Both-I have 2 shorkies and one terror of a kitten right now.
Netflix or YouTube? Netflix-Currently watching The 100, ask me later what that’s about, it’s good!
Phone Call or Text? Text
Toast or Eggs?   No bread thank you! Unless I make my own with almond or coconut flours.
Cardio or Weights? Cardio when I’m able, Although I should be lifting weights for better bones.
Facebook or Twitter? Twitter no, Facebook yes, but I’m considering a vacation from it.
Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone? Ice cream…if I make it with safe, sugar free ingredients.
Mobile Games or Console Games? Mobile, I’m addicted to Words With Friends
While walking: Music or Podcasts? Music, of course! How do you walk to the “beat” of yapping? Lol
iOS or Android?  iOS…currently under the thumb of Apple products, iPhones, iPad, Mac but considering a change. My boys say Apple is evil. 🤭
Cake or Pie? No, unless I make them….just like any dessert, snack, or treat. I might occasionally “cheat” with one bite of my hubby’s dessert from time to time.
Swimming or Sunbathing? Both- but mostly swimming. We have a pool, thank goodness, we live in Texas so in my opinion, it’s a must!
Big Party or Small Gathering? Big Party-if I didn’t have to do all the cooking. The more the merrier!
New Clothes or New Phone? Clothes and shoes please!!
Rich Friend or Loyal Friend? Loyal, period!
Football or Basketball? Football, it’s at least tolerable if I have to watch.
Nice Car or Nice Home Interior? Hubby makes sure I have both, he keeps me in a new car and always remodels every house we buy.
What’s worse: Laundry or Dishes? I don’t mind either one.
Jogging or Hiking? I could not run for my life, so I’d have to say hiking, if my knee brace was on. It’s a mess right now until I get it fixed.
Sneakers or sandals? Platform flip flops, I’m 4’ 9” so…..
Glasses or Contacts?  Contact, I wear monovision, one contact and nothing in my left eye. The contact helps me see distance, my naked eye is for reading.
Hamburger or Taco? Hamburger, no bun.
Couch or Recliner?  Recliner but I don’t have one right now. 😔
Online Shopping or Shopping in a Store? Retail store because I have to try stuff on. I do shop online sometimes for things other than clothes.
Receive: Email or Letter? Letters, they are much more exciting than email-I get way too much email!
Passenger or Driver?  Driver…I am a control freak and because I get to listen to my music.
Tablet or Computer? Tablet, it’s an addiction I tell ya!
Most important in a partner: Intelligent or Funny? Can I have both? Yes I can, my hubby is both!
Car or Truck? Car, preferably a sports car but I like my new Honda Civic, very good on gas!

Blue or Red?  My favorite colors are red and black together but I do love the ocean palette, blues, aquas and greens.
Money or Free Time?  Money, please, I have lots of free time but never enough money!
Amusement Park or Day at the Beach? Beach, in fact, that’s where I wish I could retire.
At a movie: Candy or Popcorn? Before I became Keto I would say popcorn. I haven’t been to a movie since I became Keto, mmmmaybe time for a cheat, lol.
Pen or Pencil? Pen
Toilet paper: Over or Under? Over! That is the correct way!!
Cups in the cupboard: right side up or upside down? Upside down, that way if there was a bug crawling around, he wouldn’t get in my cup…not that I have bugs. Just sayin.
Pancake or Waffle? Keto versions of either, but pancakes are quicker.
Coke or Pepsi? Neither, I can’t do dark soda anymore cause it gives me bladder issues, if I use a soda for a mixer, it’s Sprite0.
Coffee Cup or Thermos?  Coffee cup, most of the time I’m drinking my special coffee at home. I have a Yeti if I decide to take it with me.
Blinds or Curtain?  Blinds, curtains are a dust catcher. However, I have curtains and blinds in the dining room, only cause they were gifted to me with the house.
Train or Plane?  Either, I love any mode of travel….just take me somewhere! I haven’t been on either in a long time.
Phone or Tablet?  Tablet, it’s bigger for reading.
Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee? Both, but I only like cold coffee for a special treat! (And it has to be sugar-free) I’ll add my sweetener, thank you!
Meat or Vegetables? Meat but I eat my veggies too!
International Vacation or a New TV? If I had my choice and lots of money I would pick the vacation.
Save or Spend?  Save, my husband is the big spender of the family, but he brings home the bacon so….
Honesty or Other’s Feelings? That’s a hard one. Others feelings are my first concern. Can they handle the truth?
Coffee or Tea? COFFEE!! 
TV or Book? Books preferably, but lately I haven’t had time for much pleasure reading. I’m trying to read and review a book for one fellow blogger, an old Stephen King book and my kids just brought me a book I’ve wanted to read forever, Hammer of the God’s! However, most of the time I get stuck reading emails, or study materiel, so pleasure reading takes a back seat. I do watch way too much tv though. 😁
Ocean or Mountains?  I’m with Suze on this one, I want both! (I have the answe, we could retire in Hawaii 🤣🤣) yeah, right!
Horror Movie or Comedy Movie?  Horror, been a fan since I was a kid and saw Frankenstein.
City or Countryside?  Both please. Although I do like being able to go to the store quickly.
Mac or PC? They both have their advantages, I have both and still don’t understand them.
Card Game or Board Game? It’s been forever since I played either, my games with my friends are Bunco (a dice game) and Keno (like bingo but with different cards).
Camping or Binge Watching Shows at Home? Binge watching series on Netflix. I’m currently going through withdrawals waiting for my two favorites to start back! Orange is the New Black and The Walking Dead
Working Alone or Working in a Team? Alone, I don’t play well with others (just kidding) or am I?
Dine In or Delivery? Dine in
Sweater or Hoodie? Ugh, I hate having to wear either cause that means it’s cold. I. Hate. Cold. That being said, a sweater is easier to get on and off.
Motorcycle or Bicycle? Motorcycle, but no more, the traffic is too heavy where I live, would not take a chance anymore. We used to have a Harley, I loved riding with my hubby. It’s too scary now with traffic as dangerous as it is. People are so stupid, sorry but it’s the truth!
Book or eBook?  Yes! I love books..but the worse my eyesight becomes the easier the ebook is to read from….(I’m keeping Suze’s answer verbatim on this one.
When sleeping: Fan or No Fan?  Fan, I live in Texas remember? We have to have air conditioning and a fan.
TV Shows or Movies? Netflix series, seriously, it’s an addiction. 🤣🤣


4 thoughts on “This or That…Tag!

  1. It was fun to read your answers! … I agree with you about having to have a fan and/or air conditioning here in Texas. Lucky you have a pool, too. … Flip flops are what I wear, too, but I think I’d fall off of platform ones! … I like to play Words With Friends, too. 🙂

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