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One-Liner Wednesday 8-17-22 Showing Today

Another Showing Today!

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After no showings since Saturday, I’m excited to say, we have another showing scheduled for 1pm today. I’ve cleaned, put away, and polished it up the best I can whilst living here. This is the first time in the history of our marriage that we have had to show a house, and we’ve moved 10 times!!! I have to admit, it’s stressful!

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WOD Challenge 8-16-22

Blessed Passenger

Not exactly debonair,

suspended in air

This handsome fella followed me

For miles down the road.

His grip never faltered

over bumps, in the heat

Wind whipping at his feet

Doing his playful dance

Driving was difficult

Cause I was in a trance

Amazed at his acrobatic skill

Then, he adopted his prayerful

position, and I thought, was I

being visited by the spirit

Of my father? I took it

as a blessing but feared for

His life, in the heat, his color had changed

So I careful transported him

and I hope he lives on

To bless the next traveler

Who needs him.

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SoCS 8-13-22 She’s Home!

We brought the RV home today for the next week and boy, it seems pretty economical so far.

The return trip took my husband only an hour, with Chris as his co-pilot and me following in the car, but he said the gas gauge barely moved! That’s better than I was figuring. Anyway, I’m so happy to have her home so we can see how our stuff will fit.

We brought the girls (our Shorkies) aboard and let them sniff around and pose for a short video. (Whiskey anyway)

No video but there’s Dave, Chris, and Miss Brandy

I have to say, my guys sure know how to handle big rigs! David backed it in the long driveway no problem! I was worried about it dragging as the back end hit the end of the driveway, but nope.

The diesel pusher on the freight liner chassis made for a very smooth drive on the freeway, and helps with the fuel economy and power.

The decor is nice, but my head is already thinking about changing things to make it our own, but all that can be done in the future. I can’t wait to show David some of the cool storage tips and such that I’ve been learning on the RV blogs. 😁 He says you can’t hang things on the walls? Why, yes you can! No drilling necessary!

For now, we’ll just enjoy getting to know it a little bit, showing it off to family and friends (just a tiny bit proud) and packing in whatever we can do without at home, so we know what we have left to sell or store. We visited (before we went to Melissa) the Benbrook storage facility and also went to test drive a Jeep. It’s been a productive day!

On top of that, we had two more showings and got positive feedback on the last one, but still no offers yet. Still, the wheels are in motion now, and I’m so grateful for everything so far!

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WOD Challenge 8-10-22 Media Causing Fear & Division Again


Here we go again, just when you thought it was safe to get out and cool off and maybe have some fun breathing outdoor air for a change.

The media has chosen fear mongering and division again, trying to scare us to death with threats of monkeypox and “are water parks safe for kids because of possible bacterial/viral infections?!” Ugh! Enough already!

Monkeypox is not new, nor a huge threat in the US. In fact, it is more likely associated with rodents than monkeys, although it’s been seen in both.

The media is always making assumptions based on shoddy fact-finding and misleading information as well as half-truths.

Can we just let the kids go play in the splash park like they used to with no fear? God forbid they get some vitamin D and enjoy a cooling break from the searing summer heat. No, we have to get the parents all freaked out again and shut them back in the boring houses.

It’s just gotten so ridiculous.

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WOD Challenge 8-10-22 Truth or Myth

Sorry this is late, folks!

Myths and magic are fun and have their place, but as for reading material, I prefer truth, or fiction based on truth, like crime fiction, drama, and mystery.

When I hear myth, I think of Greek Mythology or The Loch Ness Monster and magic like D&D.
I’ve never been a fan of D&D, or Roman Mythology, but I did enjoy the Greeks when attending school.

Photo credit: Useful Charts on YouTube

I love legends, myth busting shows, and magic, but I don’t like reading about them, unless I’m reading Wikipedia. Maybe the real world is overwhelming enough that I don’t know how to fantasize any more.

Don’t try to sway me to your side of thinking, or send me tons of book reviews I’m going to ignore…not trying to be rude here, but it’s a waste of time, they will be thrown out on their ear!

I’ll read most anything else, even some romance. Books that stick with me are titles like Where the Crawdads Sing, The Shining, Turtles All the Way Down, and The Diary of Anne Frank. Authors like King, Cook, and Grisham are what I grew up devouring, so naturally I’m into crime, horror, and medical dramas.

Why do I want to read the mythical and magical? Maybe had I read more of that stuff growing up, like kids do today with Harry Potter and Hunger Games, I’d know how to write that kind of thing. But I didn’t, so I don’t and I’m not interested in reading either…but I do enjoy the movies. To me, there’s where they belong. On the big screen, freaking me out, or exciting me with their brilliant special effects. And yes, superheroes get lumped into this bunch as well, but I always loved the Batman movies, as well as others brought to live on the big screen.

The reality is, I guess, that mythical and magical seems childish to me these days, and maybe that means I’m an old fart, but I’m definitely not boring or bored. Mystical, yes, that is more up my alley, but don’t send me on a search for Bigfoot, or ask me to read about Sasquatch. The only mythical, magical story I haven’t been able to deny lately is the series we watched called Game of Thrones. Now, that was seriously fun and I didn’t want it to end.

In fact, the mother of all dragon mothers is headed to the UK to star in a modernization of Anton Chekov’s 1895 play -The Seagull – in which she hopes not to disappoint her fans since she won’t be sitting on the back of a dragon. Or appearing nude either. Sorry guys. Yet she’s still tiny, beautiful, and incredibly good in a romance story, and starring in the play will fulfill a dream of a lifetime for Emily Clarke.

Game of Thrones family crest
Emily Clarke-photo credit-Wikipedia

See now? Facts, fear, murder, and mystery I can get behind and, sometimes, if done right, I’ll even choose romance (think Ode to Billy Joe). Who built the great pyramids? The Greeks, of course, and that’s not myth. It’s a fact, Jack!

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