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WOD Challenge 09-22-21 Concert Highlights

Sitting on his throne-Jonathan Davis and on guitar, Brian Welch (Head) of Korn. My own photo.

Wow! I cannot believe I forgot to mention yesterday that Michelle and I were finally going to our long-awaited concert!

We were originally supposed to be going to a concert last year featuring Five Finger Death Punch, I Prevail, Ice Nine Kills, and two other bands. It was cancelled due to COVID, so we had to pick a new concert so Staind and Korn fit the bill!!

The lights were sparkling in Dallas last night for the show, along with laser lights pulsing, spotlights swirling, and ended with streamers shot into the audience with a cannon! What a show, and what seats we had!! We were stage left, second row, which unfortunately, or fortunately, however you look at it, was right in front of the massive stack of speakers!!! I was sure we would be deaf today, but I’m simply tired. The show was great, I liked Korn better than Staind this time because the sound system was better and while still loud, it wasn’t constant reverb blasting into our ears like with Staind’s show. I got some sound bites and pretty good pictures, but found myself wishing we were center stage because we had no view of the drummer or the stage set up unless we looked at the big screens. When I go to a concert, I prefer to see the band, I can watch a video at home, know what I mean? So my eyes were on the two stars- Aaron Lewis of Staind and Jonathan Davis of Korn.

My Tijuana Street Fight treat
Michelle and me before the concert with our obligatory selfie!

They sang all of our favorites, and rocked the house down! Freak on a Leash, Adidas, Some from the album Issues and more. Staind sang Been A While, Something to Remind You, Mudshovel, and more. We never left our seats or sat down the entire night, which my back is feeling today. Knowing my body’s limits, however, I did not do the kind of dancing around or jumping that I did just a few short years ago, fearing I would blow my knee out. I do not need that right now. So I was a well-behaved concert attendee.

Aaron Lewis and Staind.
Bright and colorful lights for Staind.
A peek behind the curtain, waiting for Korn
This one I had to take via the big screen since we couldn’t see center stage
Sound bites and other pics are missing, this is Korn, but hard to see.
Hopefully, this is a short soundbite of Korn

The aroma of marijuana was strong enough to get a contact high, but I had my CBD pipe, so I was nice and mellowed out. We pre-gamed at the house with a couple of Truly’s apiece and drank water at the concert. Since we were there to see Korn (our 3rd or 4th time) I partook of a delicious chilidog topped with Mexican street corn they called a Tijuana Street Fight. It was muy delicioso. My throat is kind of raw today from screaming and trying to sing loudly, as if you could over the massive throng of rockers! Thank God we are too old to be in the pit with everyone jumping and pushing around, although I have to say, I didn’t notice but one individual acting very crazy at all. Even the pit seemed calmer than normal. Maybe they are getting old too, I mean, the band members are even gray now! 🙂 So at first I was kind of feeling my age, but I relaxed after a while and simply enjoyed the show, the music, the experience, and getting out of the house for a night!!

Dad was in David’s capable hands, although, it was probably very quiet around here last night with neither of them talking. I normally do enough talking for all three of us. Maybe they enjoyed the break from me too!

I included some concert shots but the sound bites would not show up in the photo gallery.for those who care to see and listen. I know, my music isn’t for everyone! We were just lucky to see them, because a few weeks ago, Jonathan had COVID and we feared the concert would be cancelled. No, he was there in all his glory, rocking that stage like a boss and looking mighty fine doing it. He has lost a significant amount of weight, lost the kilt, which I missed, but put on one hell of a show. I really enjoyed myself, and we also got lucky getting out of there quickly but traffic on the way to HW30 was packed and slow. We managed to get home before turning into pumpkins but I was back up at 5am with Dad.
Se la vi. 😉

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Continued Improvement 09-20-21

My dad continues to improve daily, and to my surprise, is getting more independent. This morning we woke to find him dressed and asleep in his chair! That means not only did he get up and dressed by himself, he walked unassisted from his room to his chair and was content to sit and wait until someone got up. David said he turned on the light and didn’t even wake him, but I knew not to go back to sleep, or he would be up again, or ring the bell. I’d rather get up on my own, than feel resentful that I couldn’t sleep longer.

I told him he did real well, and went and got him coffee, his watch, and his hearing aids. We split some yogurt and read a while (I did anyway) before I went and made his breakfast. After making Dave’s egg cups and feeding myself, I went and got myself dressed and ready, started the laundry and went into the office. Dad got out of his chair by himself, and was halfway to the bathroom before I got into the living room. So his strength and balance is much improved! He got up again a little later and made another bathroom trip., but I always come out and stay near in case he needs any help.

I’m so proud and the therapists are going to be too! I just hope he stays content to let things be as they are, at least until our meeting with the VA, and then we will have a clearer picture of how we are going to proceed. As well as he is doing, I’m still not sure he should go home, unless one of the options the VA will help cover is an aid or a full-time nurse in his home. Maybe something like Visiting Angels would be able to help him with his morning routine and Sean would be there for him at night. I just won’t know until we are forced to make the next decision or talk to him and see what he is comfortable doing. I think he can still make choices for himself, but we all need to think it all through. Yes, he is stronger, but his disease is progressive and things will change eventually. I would rather have him in a place with other people that can help around the clock, a community of people he can visit with and do activities, and know his meals and meds are taken care of for him.

Time will tell and things are fine here for the time being. I’m thankful he is here and we are perfectly capable of helping as long as we need to.

Ms Becky, working on her requirements for boarding

Yesterday, we had family dinner and the football games and said goodbye to Becky as she was to leave for Spain. In fact, she should be there now, but she may not have wifi to let us know for a while. I actually took a few pictures, but then got involved with dinner and the Cowboys and forgot to get everyone in a picture. I literally had to make Becky leave, she was sleepy and starting to change her mind about going. We got her up and out and Chris and her parents drove her to the airport. She texted me when the plane started moving. I can’t wait to hear from her once she gets settled. I know when she sees the kids she will be caring for, the trip will have been worth it!! One of the children has Downs Syndrome and the other does not. What a great learning experience this will be for her. I know Chris is emotional, but he is so busy with work, the time will fly by.

Becky’s mom, Julie and her new hubby, Dennis

Dave and the girls, my brother, and myself and my dad’s feet
Julie and Becky at the small dining table. Too bright for good pics.

Not pictured, Chris, Josh, Shari, Bubba, Stephen, and Kacee.

We enjoyed smoked chicken, home made jalapeno and cheddar sausage, mac and cheese, and home made beans flavored with beer, jalapeños, tomatoes, and spices. Some had strawberry and blueberry shortcakes for dessert.

Have a great Monday and get ready for the change over to fall come Wednesday!

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WOD Challenge 09-20-21

Alice Alinari for Unsplash

An Unlikely Savior

As I walked out onto the gallery

The ship did sway and I was set free

Over the side into the yawning sea

By the time I caught my breath, you see

The ship had sailed quite aways from me

I could not believe I was stranded asea

No life raft or buoy for support-just me

I tried not to panic or thrash about

So sharks and monsters stayed away

No land in sight, nor was I devout

Yet I began to pray

“Dear Lord please save me,” I said aloud

As sea birds swooped around me

“I’ll devote my life to you,” I cried

Then I stilled myself and prayed silently

At once a tug I felt below, but a hand it was

Not a bite.

A mermaid pulled me beneath the waves

What a beautiful, gorgeous sight!

Her hair was flowing, coppery and long

Her lips were rosy and beautiful

She put a finger to them softly

And bade me to be dutiful

Alarmed I was, yet I obeyed

Hoping my breath was plenty

As she pulled me further into the depths

I began to feel somewhat panicky

Soon, we came to an underwater cave

Set in a forgotten mountain ridge

We swam until I thought I might burst

Til her lips on mine made a bridge

Into the cave we swam and then

Still further to her destination

The cave went on forever it seemed

Leading to an underwater space station

It was there I could finally take a breath

As wondrous sights beheld me

My savior lightly touched my face

As glowing lights surrounded me

And then I saw the face of God

Standing in his shining robes

A peace I’d never felt enveloped me

As through the clouds we rose

The colors of Heaven cannot be described

And angels flew by streaming

And then the voice of God was heard

Wake up now, you are dreaming

So there was no ship

No fall, no savior

But still my life was changed

He awoke in me the will to live

And forever altered my behavior

I now devote my life to God

I pray every single day

To make me worthy of his Heavenly kingdom

So faithful shall I stay

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WOD Challenge 09-19-21 Cruising Into Fall

I’m never happy to say goodbye to summer.

Photo credit Unsplash

Everyone that knows me knows this. So, by Tuesday night we will be cruising into fall with our first ”cold front” that will have our temps on Wednesday only in the 80’s and the lows in the 40’s.

Today, as is our Sunday tradition, we are having dinner for whomever comes to eat it, and saying goodbye to Becky as she is leaving for Spain today. Dave’s brother, Bubba, is in town, so he will also be here, my brother, and I think two of my boys. I was hoping to sneak a last dip in the pool, but unless others will be getting in, I don’t think we will have time.

Chris and Becky last year

Instead, we will be inside, waiting on everyone, visiting, eating and probably getting teary-eyed as we bid farewell and safe travels to our free-spirited future daughter-in-law. I will keep calling her that because I have faith she will come back to us and that she and Chris will marry some day! They are just too good a fit, they love each other, and love growing and learning with each other. they will be fine, and I’ll be praying that it all works out that way.

The main irritant of moving into fall is the pumpkin flavored everything. 😤

I mean, I like pumpkin spice and pumpkin pie as well as the next person, but does every damn thing have to taste like it now???

The next thing I’m not crazy about is having to wear clothes…I mean, more clothes. 😛 I am not a cold weather person. But, I know it’s coming, so surrender I must. Cause winter comes next. Please, God, don’t let this winter suck as bad as last. 🙏🙏

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