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Trekking Towards Texas

Well, as Willie Nelson says, “On the road again!”

Leaving Arizona, I had to take a pic of Tucsons prettier bridge, I just wish the colors would have shown up better.

Must have been the time of day. The colors are much brighter in the afternoon.

About two hours or so into the trip, we stopped at Texas Canyon rest stop (still in Arizona) where the famous “hoodoos” are. You know, those stacks of rocks you sometimes see in different locations? Anyway, these are created by nature. Huge boulders balancing precariously where only God knew they wouldn’t fall.

I wanted to stay longer and look for better examples, but it was time to get the dogs in and get going. Why we are always in a rush, I don’t know. We had all day to get to Vado, New Mexico, but Dave made us leave by 8am and wouldn’t stop and see the roadside attractions like “The Thing” just to get here too early. This place is nothing special and we got here so early we would have had plenty of time to explore Las Cruces but he didn’t want to unhook the Jeep. I can understand that, it’s kind of a pain. So we’ve been watching tv all afternoon. I did find two more devils claws…they are literally everywhere around here!

Devil’s claws
My first card holder, finished!

While on the road, I finished my project. It’s a card holder which helps you hold a lot of cards at one time. That will come in handy while playing Phase 10!

Headed into Las Cruces, New Mexico

The mountain range was pretty with the sun highlights through the clouds. But where we are in Vado, there’s nothin to see. It’s just off the highway, lots of sand and scrub and barely qualifies as an RV Park but hey, it has hookups. We still have power and water. We are considering boondocking tomorrow night, so we will NOT have hookups. I’m not sure how far we are going, somewhere in west Texas.

I am excited to get home, but it will be a hectic month. Doctors appointments, visits with family and friends, and birthday parties to go to…the month will fly by! The problem is, we will be about 40 minutes from “home” so we will probably spend the first night next to my brother’s house before driving out to Alvarado on Sunday. I’m sure we will fit it all in, but right now it seems like a lot. Good thing we’re use to being on the road again!

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Farewell to the Poppies

I just had to participate in Cee’s challenge FOTD today because, well, the poppies are almost gone as are we.

People came from miles around to see the Mexican poppies, purple lupines, and other wildflowers on the mountain and in the state park.
Sadly, they only last a few weeks of the year, and they are mostly gone now, just like we will be tomorrow.
I never dreamed I’d be so emotional about leaving this place, but I’m ready to move on to the next adventure…after we visit family and friends in Ft Worth. For now, let’s say goodbye to the poppies together! Until next time!

Mexican poppies, saguaro cactus, and our beloved Picacho Peak!
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Saying Goodbye

This is our last few days here. It’s bittersweet, y’all!

My friend Erma at Bunco tonight.

I’ve made such sweet friends here, this place is so beautiful and amazing that I almost hate to leave! They all want to know if we’re coming back next year and all I can say is I want to…someday. We promised ourselves that the first year we would cross off the many things on our bucket list. If it happens that we make our way back next year, I’d love to come back here.

I’ve been trying to cram in as many games, and visits with friends I’ve made here as I can this week, along with getting ourselves and our vehicles ready to make another trip Our steps won’t retract, so Dave has been working to fix it before the rain comes tomorrow, but the part he ordered from Amazon wasn’t the cure. It looks like the motor is fried, so we will have to make due until we get home. Luckily, we have a step stool we can use in the meantime 🤣

I have many of my friends in my phone so we can stay in touch, and some I’ve attached pics to. I took a picture of Diane at Bunco tonight, but she wouldn’t appreciate me sharing it, I’m sure, lol. She wasn’t exactly posing for the camera. 😂 You’ve probably seen many of my friends on the blog or on Facebook, but hopefully they don’t mind if I share again.

Maria and Mike at a Bingo and dinner event.

Maria is so kind and helpful to everyone she meets, and Mike is kinda shy til you get to know him, but he’s a very sweet guy. I’m happy they have become such great friends. We also spend lots of time with Mike and Beverly, Ken and Diane, Pat and Becky, and of course, Darcy…but I don’t have a picture of him to share as of yet.

You already know just how much I love this mountain because I can’t stop taking pictures of it, as well as all the beautiful things that grow in the desert. I never dreamed I’d love it this much. I’ve started new hobbies, I’ve learned new crafts, and played new games. This place and this lifestyle have nurtured my love for the great outdoors, and making new friends and sharing dreams and ideas is just the icing on the cake!

Mike and Bev at that same dinner/bingo event. I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten the other gentleman’s name!

I wish I’d have met Karl and Donna sooner, and I wish I’d have taken her picture, but it has been such a pleasure meeting them and learning so much from him about the treasures the desert holds. Here we are coming back from our epic trip to the far side of the peak.

My first ride in an ATV. Thanks, Erma for the great pic!

So anyway, I shall not say goodbye, but “See you again someday!” Because I feel certain we’ll be back if not next year, probably the next!

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Pics From the Trip Behind the Peak

Remember this post from a few days ago?

Karl and some others on the trip had taken a few photos of me that I finally saw on the Facebook group dedicated to Picacho happenings around the park (and other places). I thought I’d share them with you. ☺️

Half as tall as this organ pipe cactus.

Carefully navigating my way down the hill with another lady from the trip. Forgive me, I forgot her name.
In the poppies with a gifted piece of a dead cholla Karl gave me. I need to fetch it from him!
The happy group of trekkers.
Finally seeing the crested saguaro!
I was so excited!

I will miss the desert and the friends we’ve made here, but hope to keep in touch in case we ever come back to Picacho. ☺️🤗

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Random Wanderings

Yesterday, we went exploring in a new area of the desert that covers the east side and discovered everything from state land to open range.

The desert grew thick with cholla and brush, orange wildflowers and some saguaro. We saw a few boondockers on the state property where you must obtain a permit, and a couple on the “open range” area. Before long, we came upon a small mountain where some people were target shooting at the base of the hill. We turned around, not knowing what direction others might be shooting since we were unfamiliar to the area. I snapped a few photos of the cactus, and showing the fork in the road we made the decision to go left before taking a right out of that area.

The lush desert to the right.
And to the left.

So many cholla!

When I say the trains are long here, I mean it. Miles long!!

No end in sight in either direction.

We sat for longer than five minutes waiting for the end of the train, and it had already been running a while when we pulled up. We saw two engines in the middle, but we’ve seenu up to six engines on a train before out here!! They carry necessities across the country, which seems to be more dependable than cargo ships who have to “park” in the ocean at times waiting to get to their destinations.

The desert is a mystery to me at times, (where are the snakes, when do the cactus bloom, what comes out at night that we still haven’t seen) but I’ve so enjoyed our time here. I’m anxious to see family, and get to the next place in our journey, a place we know and love…Port Aransas. It will be different to be there in a motor home, but we will be in a park, which is the only difference. Just like if we stayed in a condo or beach house, we’ll use the Jeep to get around or maybe rent a bike or a golf cart, depending on the financial situation. First, however, will be the month we spend in Alvarado which is where we will be this time next week!

After we got back from our desert wandering, I went to visit neighbor Darcy, and we talked for over an hour. Before I left, after a tiny fashion show, I snapped this pic of Girlie Girl, his chihuahua wearing her Easter outfit (part of it).

Such a fashion plate!
She has quite the wardrobe, much of which Darcy himself has made. He crochets constantly and she is a very well-dressed pooch! He has all the accessories too, from pearls to sunglasses to complement every outfit. Such a girly girl!
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