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Nothing on the Calendar Today

The month changed this morning and here we were without the new calendar.

The bulletin board served as a backup.

I saw that there was nothing scheduled and resigned myself to our menial tasks around the RV and had a premonition that Dave would want to go grocery shopping.

I was right, and so we went in search of a closer place to get some. Marana is supposed to be closer than Tucson or Casa Grande, so that’s where we headed. Still felt like 30 minutes, but that may be because we made a wrong turn and that added some time.

We found the Fry’s grocery store (which must be affiliated with Kroger) and got most of what we needed. Of course, when we got home we remembered a few things we forgot, but it wasn’t an emergency. I put up the groceries, Dave settled in for a nap, so I repainted my nails, because the first time I did them we took off before they were dry and they got messed up. The entire time I’m thinking that I should have gone to the office to get a new calendar and now they are closed. So I let my nails dry thoroughly and walked down there to check out the activity center and see if I could find one laying around.

No such luck, but they did have all the usual activities on the bulletin board.

There is what I was really looking for. I could make my own calendar from this!

Tomorrow we make another trip in the direction of Casa Grande to take the dogs to a lady groomer we found online. I’m just excited for something to do! 😆😂🤣

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Semi-Productive Shopping Trip 11-28-22

On the road to Tucson, I snapped this cool clouds Pic.

The morning sun shining through the windows makes the floating particles of dust visible as I sip at my coffee.

After breakfast, Dave tested the tv and could see that our signal is still blocked -thanks to our new neighbor- so we decided to make a trip to Tucson to shop for an antenna booster. We were unsuccessful with that, but got some party lights for when we can finally put out the awning. (It’s been too windy lately) Also some things for the fridge, and ice, a few things for me I needed (wanted) like mascara and nail polish, a new fixture for the leaky shower, and a handy fold-up table so I could set my drink and whatever next to me when I’m on the couch. I had been using my steps tool, but this is bigger, taller, and nicer. Camping World is a one stop shop for RVers, but it’s pretty pricey. I did get the lights on clearance. ☺️ Walmart and Dollar Tree were two other stops, and after all that, we still didn’t find an electric blanket either. On top of that, we forgot to stop at the nearby post office and check our mail. Maybe I’ll run down there tomorrow.

My new table.

I wanted a table that the legs would slide under the couch, but this works fine. As long as it folds up for easy storage, it’s a winner.

The new awning lights, I wanted a taste of the beach here in the desert. ☺️

Unfortunately, there was only one box on clearance, and I have no idea how many it would take to cover the length of the awning. We’ll just use what we have wherever they fit I guess. 😂

The trip took the bulk of the day, because it’s an hour round-trip, then the time it took to shop. Dave already fixed the shower, so now relaxing before dinner. Pork chops, salad, and potatoes on the grill!

Have a pleasant Monday everyone!
PS: It was 78 degrees today, but that cools off as soon as the sun starts setting 😁

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Simply Sunday 11-27-22

It was just a lazy Sunday around here today, nothing planned, no activities unless you wanted to go to church service or play bocce ball that I knew of.

We got up too late for church, so we watched our own service from our church in Hurst, FUMC. First, however, there was breakfast and starting a load of towels, I don’t remember what other mundane activity there was. After church, I took Brandy out to potty, then decided to walk around a bit. She was reluctant, but went where I lead her.

Some people playing pickle ball.

I tried to get her to sit and let me watch them play pickle ball so I could gauge how rough it is for a person with bad knees, but she wanted to go. So off we went. Then, I got the brilliant idea to try to find my new friend, Karen’s house. I have no alibi for what happened next, but I was like a dog with a bone. I knew Brandy was tired and thirsty, but I kept going, thinking it couldn’t be much further.

Boy, how wrong I was! We kept walking and walking, up and down streets looking for her house number. Yes, some people live here at the resort. They are building more all the time and we saw several for sale. We were looking for house number #294, which was almost the last street there was, way past the RV storage, and the main entrance to the resort. They weren’t even home.

Luckily, we found the shorter way home, because Brandy was really panting now. We walked at least a mile round-trip, which didn’t bother me, but I was concerned for her. I knew she needed water, and I forgot to bring some along. I won’t do that again! She is fine, but her legs are sore. I know because of how she’s walking. She didn’t even want to go out after dinner, but I carried her to the dog park, she walked home alright. I took another, clearer shot of the peak, I never get tired of seeing it.

All this land here may be for more houses, I’m not sure.

It had been a fine day until we got a new neighbor, who pulled up right next door in a behemoth 5th wheel and pickup truck. Immediately we lost the signal to the tv, which Dave had finally got straightened out and loaded with channels. Now we don’t even get local channels. He was not a happy camper. So, tomorrow the first order of business will be to talk to the manager and see if one of us can move. And I get to deal with his sour mood until then.

God forbid we actually go DO something instead of watching tv! In his defense though, he was close to finishing a football game when all this happened. Me, I could care less, but I know it’s important to him, so I do feel for him. But I would’ve just done something else, not lose my mind over it. He doesn’t ask for much, however, he does depend on that tv a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I’m addicted to certain shows myself, but again, I can live without it, just don’t take my books away! When all else fails, I can read or write!

Let’s thank God for what we do have and worry about the rest tomorrow. We both need a peaceful nights sleep. On a good note, I closed all my rings today with all the exercise I got!

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