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WOD Challenge 7-3-22 Be An Ambassador

Be an ambassador for God! Please keep the faith, keep praying-it works! Be a messenger of hope! If enough of us do this and stand together, we can defeat satan!!

Spiritual rant aside, now on to a different subject.

If we go through with this plan of ours, and yes, there’s been talk of other things, I will surely be an ambassador for Good Sam! Since I was up early again this morning, I researched it some more.

In addition to discounts at hundreds of places, they also provide emergency roadside assistance, insurance for your RV, travel assistance, extended warranties, and so much more! I figured up it would probably be about $4 or $5 hundred a year to get all of the options they offer, but it would be so worth it for peace of mind on the road. And a basic membership can be purchased for 1-3 years.

Just for kicks, I looked up some of the Good Sam authorized RV Parks in the Port Aransas/Rockport area, and they are beautiful, rated a 9 or 10 for amenities and services, and are all at a 10% discounted rate for lot space. And, like I mentioned in a previous post, if you join a Workamp opportunity, depending on the length of your stay, you could get free campsites!!

One of the other ideas floating around between my husband and I is still the option of purchasing a lake house on Toledo Bend, but in my heart, I feel that traveling is what we both want to do, at least for a few years. I will say that the option of buying a fifth-wheel and a new diesel truck is considerably cheaper than having to buy a bus and a truck. I thought we’d be losing a good amount of storage in a fifth-wheel, but Dave says no, they have plenty underneath.

Wish me luck today telling my boys of the plans, my anxiety is back up again!

Other than that, please have a safe and Happy Fourth of July!! 😎💥🍔🌽🌶🌭🍟🍻🍹

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SoCS &WOD Challenges 7-2-22

Today we were scheduled to look at a motor home at 9:30am in Cleburne, Tx., about an hour away from our home.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “—amble.” Add letters to the beginning of “-amble” to make another word or use it as is in your post. Enjoy!

We showed up right on time, pulled up to the gate and honked as instructed, and without preamble, were lead straight to the magnificent bus. As soon as Mr Al found out we were first-time buyers, he seemed to be trying to talk us out of starting with the bus.

His reasoning was, even thought they are different price points, the bus is the biggest, finest of the class A motor homes. He thinks we should start with something smaller and work our way up. David knows what he wants, however, and is very experienced with large vehicles.

The fact that we will be rambling all over pulling a vehicle behind us does add to the length and weight, however, so I discussed broadening our search to other types and classes of motor homes. After ambling through four or five RV dealerships in the 100 degree heat, we had two we really liked. Yet we looked at one 5th wheel that had all the other kitchens beat so those are now on our radar as well. After trampling over rocky parking lots and going in and out of motor homes with their various steps and levels, my knee had about had it.

We also learned that we will most likely have to purchase a warranty elsewhere, like Good Sam, which covers all things RV related. Once you’re a member, you can also get discounts on many things! This whole adventure is going to be a learning process and we have at least three months to shop, learn, and discover new things.

My friend Michelle came over yesterday and helped me start a list of what we will need to pack for the RV, what we will need to put in storage, and start thinking about what to sell or donate. Buses have a lot more storage, and since this will be our new home for rhe next (hopefully) five or six years, we will need every bit of storage we can get.

Then again, it will just be the two of us and our pups, so what do we need the most? Mr. Al suggested, a phone, our computers, and our clothes. 😂🤣 I said, “ You must be joking, right?” He giggled and added food. 🤪He’s talking to a woman. A woman who has amassed 37 years of stuff. I’m thinking we will need a lot more than that.

It’s all still very exciting, but I’ve come down from cloud nine thinking of all the planning, research, and work we have to do to pull this off. Tomorrow we tell the kids and in-laws. Since I’m not as ambulatory as when we started out this morning, We are gonna relax for the night.

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What Day is it Anyway? 6-30-22

On behalf of Linda G Hill, I will attempt to answer that. In fact, she invites us all to answer that in today’s post.

In answer to that, I’m surprised that I know! The only reason I do is because Thursdays are ”date nights” and I look forward to them all week!

I’m surprised I even know my own name right now because I am currently residing on cloud 9 after hearing the words I’ve been dying to hear for so long!

My anxiety level is off the charts, as well as my blood pressure, but in a good way…if there could be a good way. I’m literally coming out of my skin, I don’t know what to do with myself, because we are still in a holding pattern for the moment.

Ok, have I revved up the suspense?

Are you intrigued? Well, tune in tomorrow…just kidding!!!

My hubby is finally going to retire at the end of September! Our plan is to sell the house and by a motor home and travel!! You guys don’t know how long I’ve been on the “5-year-plan”- in other words, he kept saying, “In five more years”. Thats been going on for about twenty years!

I’m so excited I’m hyperventilating! If we don’t tell the kids soon, I’m going to burst! I literally had to have CBD assistance the past two mornings in a row just to calm down! I have already secured the realtor, the storage facility, and prepped the house for pictures.

Yesterday, David sold his truck!! I have to go get him after the deal is done around 4:30! My car is next I’m sure, because he wants to get rid of our car payments and downsize to a small truck we can tow behind the RV.

I am not worried about any of that or selling this house. But!! We made the mistake of watching an instructional video on handling the monster machine and what it takes to put diesel fuel in it. That will take the wind out of your sails for a minute!!!

My good friend, Michelle is coming tomorrow to help me start my lists: What to toss, what to keep for the motor home, what to take to storage, and what to sell. That will test my sanity right there. Lol, but it’s all good!

We are going Saturday morning to Burleson to look at a motor home Dave found on Rv TRADER. Sunday we will have family dinner and tell the kids and in-laws. My brother already knows, as do all my bestest friends! My brother has graciously offered to house us in the interim if our house sells before Dave retires and has had time and practice driving the RV.

Sunday afternoon, we plan on meeting with our realtor (a good friend of mine) about putting it on the market and run the numbers for us.

Did I mention how excited I am??

Every time I tell someone the news, I feel like I can’t breathe! Is that overwhelmed? Maybe, but I have faith it will all work out! I have to! This is my dream come true!

Stephanie had a great idea! She suggested I turn my blog into a travel blog and that way y’all can follow along with us on our new adventure! What a ride it’s going to be! She said maybe I could call it, Come Travel With Me. I like it!!

So what day is it again? Oh yeah, it’s ”date night”! The perfect opportunity to celebrate!

I’m going to leave you with a photo and a link (hopefully) to the motor home we are going to tour. Wish us luck and say a prayer, I would so appreciate it! ”Lord, keep us healthy and safe so we can enjoy our well-earned retirement.” That is my prayer.


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WOD Challenge 6-28-22 Gas, A Touchy Subject

I saw the word of the day for today’s challenge and I thought, ”I can talk alot about that!”

But not about the touchy subject everyone else is talking about.

I’m talking about the painful kind that blows your belly up and makes you feel bloated. I’ve become an unfortunate expert on that kind here lately! I got to digging around trying to find causes because it’s been quite common here all of a sudden. I know that the foods I eat can cause it but really?! All the time??

My research uncovered something new, however, in the least likely of places. I found out that it might be my sweetener! Everything I eat or drink or chew has stevia, or erythritol in it! My coffee, my baked goods, and sweets, even my gum!! Plus, chewing gum is another bad culprit. So i found this gum on the internet that isn’t supposed to cause gas, but of course, its kind of expensive. It’s called Glee gum and I guess it’s relative, a 16pc box, variety pack of 12 is $22. 99.

What if you want to just try a pack before you commit to a whole case I wonder? I should have looked at Sprouts today while I was there looking for dill seed. I ended up scoring that at Walmart. Yes, I made pickles today from our home grown cucumbers! We are so going to be able to live off the grid soon, lol! Growing our own veggies, making sausage and pickles, and our own dog food! Yep, headed in the right direction anyway!

This might be our new home someday!

But back to the gas, Dave and I are thinking pretty hard about getting a motor home when he retires, then the other kind of gas will be an issue! 😉😂

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SoCS 6-25-22 No Results Produced

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “product/produce.” Use one, use them both, use them any way you’d like. Bonus points if you use both. Have fun!

So Linda G Hill has given us this prompt for today’s SoCS and after our two-day trip to Zavalla in East Texas, the results we hoped for were not produced. However, we did enjoy getting away for a couple of days and staying in our tiny airBnB. It was your basic fisherman’s shack, but dolled up with a woman’s touch. Everything was in one room except the bathroom, which was nice and roomy for such a tiny house.

The little shack in the woods.
covered and screened in patio.

We had gone to look at a couple of prospects for a place to retire that had house and/or property close to a lake.

House number one. A real log home.

The first house we looked at was a log home on two and a half acres. It needed foundation leveling and a new roof, but the biggest issue was right behind the wooded acre. To be politically correct, I’ll just say some extremely trashy neighbors had let their property and belongings fall down and pile up around them. Not desirable in a retirement home.

House number two.

The second house was the product of someone’s thirty-five year career. So many beautiful touches and extra features, I really wished we could have gotten it! Two drawbacks though, five people were already fighting to get it, and again, trashy neighbors right next-door and too close for comfort. We’d prefer to be on our own patch of land that no one can encroach with their junk.

I took a ton of pictures in there, but I hate to show you now that we have no hope of getting it.

On top of all that, Lake Sam Rayburn is difficult to access. Restrictions abound, there are no boat ramps (or very few) and no boat houses can be built. So the next day we went up to Toledo Bend. Many more possibilities, but we didn’t have the agent with us, so all we could do was look around. Beautiful area, gorgeous lake, pretty little communities (not all but some) with controls in place to keep out the ”trashy” element. I have to interject a note here so you understand I’m not being snobby. These woods are full of folks who engage in illegal activities, if you know what I mean. We do not want that element living on or near our property, especially considering we might be sinking our life savings into this!

So, its back to the drawing board for now. We’ll sit with it awhile, explore other options, and come up with a new plan. On the way home, we even considered the possibility of purchasing a motor home. That way, we could live by the ocean for a while, and then go visit the lake for a while. Who knows, we will definitely keep you posted!