Dinner at Kevin’s

We had a showing today from 2-3pm, so I asked my brother if he would mind hosting family dinner and he stepped up to the plate!

Chris, Becky and David
Kevin, Chris, Sean, Becky, and Dave

We invited the kids- Chris & Becky and Sean came, but Josh and Shari took a pass because Josh has a stomach virus 🦠

Kevin prepared shredded bbq chicken in his instant pot and bought a delicious broccoli salad. Dave bought three different Bob Evans Mac and cheese flavors, mixed them up in a big disposable pan and put breadcrumbs on top, cooked them when we got there, and it was all yummy.

I was surprised I could eat with the ulcers in my mouth and throat, but everything was soft enough and I managed fine.
Mostly though, my brother was happy to have all of our help to work on his jigsaw puzzle that he’s been trying to finish for two months now. ☺️

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WOD Challenge 8-10-22 Media Causing Fear & Division Again


Here we go again, just when you thought it was safe to get out and cool off and maybe have some fun breathing outdoor air for a change.

The media has chosen fear mongering and division again, trying to scare us to death with threats of monkeypox and “are water parks safe for kids because of possible bacterial/viral infections?!” Ugh! Enough already!

Monkeypox is not new, nor a huge threat in the US. In fact, it is more likely associated with rodents than monkeys, although it’s been seen in both.

The media is always making assumptions based on shoddy fact-finding and misleading information as well as half-truths.

Can we just let the kids go play in the splash park like they used to with no fear? God forbid they get some vitamin D and enjoy a cooling break from the searing summer heat. No, we have to get the parents all freaked out again and shut them back in the boring houses.

It’s just gotten so ridiculous.

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WOD Challenge 8-8-22 Do You Know One of These?

Taken from Unsplash

A pathological liar is someone who has no control over their lying.

(Quote by Aimee Daramus) PsyD, a licensed clinical psychologist and author of “Understanding Bipolar Disorder.

“People who lie pathologically often tell lies about things that don’t matter, for no apparent reason.“

Unfortunately, I do know this person (possibly persons) and they are members of my own family…in fact, I gave birth to them. This is one of those times I’m glad my kids don’t read my blog. 🤣

However, that isn’t to say this is a serious issue, but you learn how to deal with it. The way we deal is that unless we see it with our own eyes, we don’t believe it. For instance, if he were to say, “I bought a car today” and we see said car, fine. But if he were to say, “I looked for a job today,” I may or may not believe it.

He lies without meaning to sometimes because he’s so used to doing it, I don’t think he even knows when he is or isn’t anymore. Or, he often believes his own lies.

It’s sad, because he knows this and doesn’t understand why we don’t trust him. Yet when the behavior is repeated so many times one loses trust, what are we supposed to do? We’ve been lied to so many times, when he IS telling the truth, we have no way of knowing anymore.

Maybe we should have made him write the exercise above! I believe in his case, it might be a chemical imbalance. Along with ADD and depression, he suffers from alcoholism and drug use. (Mostly pot) but he’s had his share of doctor ordered medicine as well. He quit taking it when he turned 18 and we had no say in what he did.

Still and all, he is my child and I love him, I understand his way of reasoning, and being that he is in his 30’s now, I’ve done it all, said it all, and nothing works anyway. So I just had to decide to let it go for the most part. I feel for parents in this same situation. Watch and listen to your kids. Try to catch it early. Get them treatment. Then, if they still grow up and their behavior hasn’t changed, at least you can feel like you did your best! He really is good hearted, even if he has his issues. He is also funny, and forever young at heart. His two brother’s protector, always.

It may or may not have helped my son, but we regret not being more consistent with going to church when they were young, and trying harder when it came to discipline. Don’t think we did NOT discipline, we did! It just didn’t work. Therapy and counseling. Nope. Antidepressants and Ritalin, for a while. Spanking and/or deprivation, no. Should have insisted on church, but I’ve heard of kids who went religiously and still have all my son’s problems.

What are your thoughts and do you have relationships like pathological lying in your life?

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WOD Challenge 8-7-22 Do I Need Approval?

The pics of my house are back and they look great! But I have a question.

Am I allowed to share with you or on social media before the actual listing goes live this Wednesday? Do I need their approval before sharing with my blogger buddies? They said I could share with my friends and y’all are my friends! ☺️

First batch

Second batch

Last batch

I couldn’t make the link from the photographer’s email work, so I took screenshot of three pages. You won’t be able to enlarge a single picture, but the whole page will enlarge if you stretch them like any other pictures. Anyone want a house in Texas? 😉😂☺️

I worked three days to get the house this clean and shiny but the photographer really worked her magic with light and camera angles. I was amazed how good they looked!

Now let’s see how long it’s going to take to sell after the listing goes live! I’m feeling blessed regardless, not in a hurry as the plans are ever changing. Honestly, at this point I’m more concerned with getting what we are asking for it so we can plan accordingly.

Real estate has gone up, as you probably know, and I believe that’s why so many people are moving to Texas from states like California, because they are used to so much higher mortgage rates. Saying that, I believe we will be listing somewhere in the neighborhood of $410,000. It is totally on par with the comps in our neighborhood.

If anyone is interested in seeing the listing when it goes live, I’ll share that too.
Say a prayer for us, if you don’t mind. It would really help us make the next decision easier. 🤗

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WOD Challenge 8-5-22 Taking Shape!

Almost finished ✔️

I’ve had a relaxing day and even worked two hours on my latest Diamond Art project!

I was focusing so hard on the work, I didn’t see that I’m so close to being done! I never even saw the light house was done until today, before I started the last 30 minute session.
You use tiny little jewels, not exactly bijoux, but that’s why they call it Diamond Art.

I felt I deserved a “screw off” day after the week I’ve had getting the house ready for the photographer to come take pics because (drum roll) we’re putting her on market next Wednesday!!

If it sells as fast as we’re hoping, I’m asking for a thirty day period to get the RV loaded and set up an estate sale. Plus, David hasn’t even started on sorting his clothes yet. In addition, we are still on the fence about getting that lake house. I say no, but he is still entertaining the idea.

So, our new adventure is taking shape as well! Wish us luck!!

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