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My Favorite Quote

Today’s prompt for Bloganuary is this one: What is your favorite quote and why?

“Risk is the price you pay for opportunity.”

I don’t know if it’s my favorite because I like what it says or because it’s the only one I have memorized, but I totally believe the quote. I’m not sure who said it. Do you?

Say you never take risks. Not only would your life be boring, but you would never discover the opportunities that are out there without taking some risks.

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JusJoJan 1-09-22 Rayven Loves Unicorns

This is a small example-her parent’s photo

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 9th, 2022, is “unicorn.” Use the word “unicorn” any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Think she’s wild about unicorns?

My granddaughter, Rayven, loves unicorns. We have contributed many gifts featuring unicorns because of her great admiration of the mythical creatures.

Just one of several unicorn gifts we’ve given.

I’ve bought clothing, shoes, toys, and hair products for her that either are or feature unicorns.

Pretty sure i bought the shirt…

I love the pic above of Rayven just being a silly kid. Is it just me, or do her shoes look like they are on the wrong feet??

The happy little family.

The above pic features no unicorns, but I love this of Taylor, her new fiancé Ray, and Rayven (Josh’s daughter). Yes, they are in a cemetery, no I don’t remember why.

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JusJoJan & WOD 1-04-22

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 4th, 2022, is ‘generosity.’ Use the word ‘generosity’ any way you’d like. Have fun

Genipapo tree

I’m thankful for the genipapo

Even though

It’s a tree I don’t know

The pulp is useful

As is the timber

Its branches spindly

Appearing quite limber

What a wonderful tree

Of generosity!

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A Christmas Secret

An original story first appearing on Medium about 4 years ago.

The puppy yelped as Jane tossed her notebook on the car seat. She recoiled in horror at her carelessness, she had forgot the puppy was there…she was just so tiny! She scooped her up and apologized to her, cooing in her ear and kissing the top of her tiny head. Jane then popped her in her pet purse and drove out of the parking lot and headed to the next place on her list. As she strolled down the aisles, looking like Paris fucking Hilton for all the world, GiGi’s head poking out of the purse and attracting the attention of any passers by as they made their way through the store.

Jane’s mind was all over the place, she thought she had been so careful. How could this have happened? How did he find out what she was getting him for Christmas? Had he been snooping, or did he overhear her conversation with her son as they secretly conspired on the patio? No matter, she had a new idea. She would wrap the gift and hide it away for his upcoming birthday in February, then get him a completely different gift for Christmas! Her husband was always her biggest challenge trying to surprise with a gift, but this year, she gotten one over on him. She made her selection and paid for it, the she and GiGi left the store and made their way to the car, Jane with a look a smug satisfaction on her face and her puppy enjoying the ride along, snug in her little carrier. Jane could not wait to see the look of surprise come Christmas morning as her husband opened his gift and discovered it was something he never expected! Pleasing him is what gave her the most joy, after all.

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SoCS 12-04-21 The Guest Room

(Not my guest room)

Well, it seems we will be doing some hosting this week with company coming in from out of town for my Dad’s service, so here’s my response to Linda G Hill’s SoCS prompt-which is this: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “rev.” Use “rev” or find a word that contains it. Have fun!

When Dad was staying here with me, he was in our guest room. Now, with Patsy and Tom coming in next week from Tulsa, we needed to revert the room back to it’s original state. The photo shown is from Unsplash, i wish my guest room looked like this, but we make do with what
we have. 😉

We donated all of his medical equipment to Glenview Wellness and Rehab, where he stayed for his rehab. They were happy to get it. ☺️

Then, I bagged up all of his clothes and shoes and put them in the closet until the boys can go through them, before I donate them to Mission Central. Dave and I went and bought a beautiful frame for his pictures we will be using for the service. Dave also purchased a lovely guest sign-in book for the memorial. My other cousin will be staying with my brother, Kevin, who is also revving up for company. His batchelor pad needed sprucing up, so he has a friend helping with that while Dave and I are stuck at the house waiting for the delivery of the urn.

Funny story, I received an email saying that I missed the delivery, believed it without checking, and gave my bank and address information to what turned out to be a scam posing as the USPS, which resulted in someone charging my credit card over $500! Don’t worry, it’s cancelled and the bank has issued me a new one. 🙄

It’s weird how when the situation calls for it, you have to quash your emotions and go on autopilot to get everything done that needs to be done in preparation for events such as this. On Thursday, I’m liable to be a basket case, but today, I just feel determined to get my house in better shape, I feel accomplished at giving some of Dad’s things to people who can really use them and not somewhere they will have had to buy them. ☺️