Combination Word Prompt Story-Chow Hayes

Today’s story comes from the WOD prompt-Notorious, brought to you by Thriving Not Surviving and the 3TC prompt, by The Haunted Wordsmith-mossie, garbo, and Bogan, Australian slang meaning mosquito, garbage collector, and “uncultured person” respectively.

Photo credit: Wikipedia
John Chow Hayes

My story today is about the notorious Australian criminal, Chow Hayes, and is complete fiction.

Chow Hayes

As the bank robbers fled the building, they passed through a swarm of mozzies as they ran for the get away car. Slapping at their faces and arms, they dove in through the vehicle’s windows yelling, “Go, go, go!” Luckily, they made off with the loot this time and as they drove away, they passed some garbo swinging a can into the garbage truck as he was working his route. John “Chow” Hayes had done that job as well for a short time, yet enjoyed this life, the life of a criminal much better.

He had progressed to robbing banks after a few petty crimes had not paid off, robbing stores and banks really got the bills paid, he didn’t want his mama living like a common Bogan after all. Besides, becoming a notorious criminal like he was now, he had his choice of sheilas, they seemed to like the bad boys and lately, he’d been very bad indeed.

Although it had not been his plan, he had shot and killed a bloke while running from a bank a month prior to this robbery, and the notorious detective Kelly finally got his man and Chow was sent to prison for the first of many stints. Once he was free, he married the love of his life, his childhood sweetheart Gladys. They had four kids together, but Chow could not stand life as an upstanding citizen, he went back to prison and she passed away during his last stint.


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