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3TC Challenge 26 June 2018

Today’s Three Things Challenge is brought to us by The Haunted Wordsmith and takes it’s words from the British vernacular, Nicked, Nutter, and Nosh. (Stolen, crazy person, food)

Here is my attempt:

Her Concert Story

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Holly’s sister Brenda got to go see the Beatles back in the day and Holly was so jealous. She was considered too young at the time, and her mom was very strict. Brenda came home the next day and told Holly all about it while they noshed on chocolate chip cookies and milkshakes, Brenda’s way of softening the blow.

Holly sat at the kitchen table, rapt as the story Brenda told flowed from her lips in between sips from the straw stuck in her thick, vanilla milkshake. “Oh my God, Holly, it was like nothing you’ve ever seen. Clearly those girls were nutter for the Fab Four and screamed and cried the whole show…it’s a wonder we heard a word they were singing!” She took a bite of her cookie and Holly’s eyes grew round as Brenda then told her about her purse getting almost nicked, the people were jammed in together so close, she almost didn’t feel it.

Thankfully, Brenda caught the movement out of the corner of her eye, held on tight to her purse and turned her body away from the would-be robber. She knew every song the Beatles sang, she said, and enjoyed the remainder of the concert without incident. It was surely the best night of her life and Holly was at once happy for her sister and jealous that she’d never get to see them. She was right, as John Lennon was killed the very next month.

She would have high hopes and fantasize about seeing Led Zeppelin some day, they were her favorite band. Alas, that would never happen either.


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