To Galveston and Beyond!

Evening folks, before I retire for the night, I wanted to update you on how the vacation is going. Sorry I have not been posting the last couple of days, but the pain in my shoulder has been bad enough for three days that I’ve had to take medicine to help me sleep.

We went to Galveston again today for two main reasons. One, to take the kids to Pleasure Pier (an amusement park that replaced the old Flagship Inn) and to go eat dinner at Landry’s. I wish I could show you all the pics I took, and the videos, but I’ll just hit the highlights and maybe you can see the rest on Facebook.

I also forgot to include a cool pic from the first trip over on Monday of a mural that helped us know where we parked. Yesterday was a beach day and I literally spent most of my time sitting among millions of shells looking for a shark tooth. What I got was a small collection of beach glass, which is cool, but not as cool as Connie’s collection. That woman is obsessed! She has enough to cover a table or make some other neat project.

My paltry collection, sans the glass I picked up tonight

We had an amazing dinner, mine was Parmesan crusted shrimp with lump crab over crab orzo….yum! Apps were shrimp cocktail, calamari, and Bubba had 1/2 dozen oysters. I guess they flew them in from Maine or somewhere because we can’t get them here right now.

The kids had fun riding rides at PP even though Stephen is older, he was keeping 15 year old Kaebree company. He looked to be enjoying them as well!

The entrance to Pleasure Pier

This ride flew out over the water which must have been terrifying to the riders!


Selfie of Bubba and I enjoying a beverage at Landry’s

Close to The Strand in Galveston

Miss Kaebree one night relaxing on the balcony

We also made a very short stop to the military park that was Fort Travis, I took a couple of pics and then we left because it was too hot to go through today.

The old military bunker at Ft Travis on Crystal Beach

I will check back soon with the next adventure, we are having such a great time! Good night everyone!


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