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#SoCS 07-31-21

Our garden after the heat and Dave got to it!

The summer heat was affecting the garden, no matter how much we watered. Dave decided to remove some of the squash leaves so light could let the tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers have a better chance of finishing out the season.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “the last photo you took.” Take the last photo you snapped. What’s the first word that comes to mind when you look at it? That word is your prompt. Enjoy!

The first word that came to my mind when I snapped this was “elephant”, as in, it looked like an elephant came in and sat in the middle of our garden! 🤣🤣

I know, I know, it’s not the best picture in the world, but it IS the last one I snapped, I’m just following the rules here! I literally texted Dave with the picture and asked him if he did that to the garden and he affirmed that he did. I’m hoping for better results next year with the addition of our compost.

I’m up early, as I have been each day Dad has been here, so I can blog or whatever before he comes in the living room. Poor man, he had to visit during the week of the Olympics. At home, he wouldn’t have been watching Im sure, but he is a good sport and never complains about it. It’s not all we’ve watched, for sure, but he’s watched a lot with us. I love the Olympics and I feel like we owe it to the athletes who worked so hard to get there do their thing! It’s been incredibly exciting in spots, the gymnastics and swimming are my favorites.

Things have been going well since he’s been here, I hope he feels cared for and loved, I’m certainly happier he is here, my anxiety has been much lower, replaced by concern that we make him feel welcome, and that we aren’t boring him to tears. He doesn’t do much anymore anyway, but I don’t want him to think we sit around so much normally. We just want to be here for his every need, and I hate the thought of him being alone, even in my own house. I do what needs to be done when he naps…which is a lot, lol. I love my dad and I only want to help him, I hope he understands that. I really wish he would stay with me, but I doubt he will. We will see. Maybe he will be more willing to come for several days at a time, sporadically, eventually ending up here some day. I really feel like we should sell the house and have Sean move on and grow up (at 40 it’s time don’t ya think?), however, I don’t know if either of them are quite ready for that yet.

Next week we go back to the neurologist and I can give him a more accurate assessment after seeing his routine each day, observing small changes like his abilities to walk or the fact that his brain is still sharp…he’s been beating the pants off of me in Words with Friends! He knows his pills by sight, what he’s supposed to take at what time, etc. yet other times it seems he has a bit of dementia. Then again, it could simply be the horrible lack of communication because he doesn’t talk anymore. Thank God I’m such an empathetic person, I anticipate what he wants most of the time. When I can’t, I have him write it on a whiteboard. Texting is very difficult on a small phone with his severe tremor, and he doesn’t fight me when I give him coffee cups with lids on them. We did have to have a talk about a personal issue dealing with his increasing incontinence, but I think we are on the same page. Dave and I may be going shopping for some things to deal with that today.

Sorry, you got more than you bargained for with this installment of SoCS, thanks for bearing with me, enjoy your weekend, beautiful people!

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WOD Challenge 07-29-21 Akin

I felt something akin to panic as I heard Dad turning on the shower his first morning here at my house.

I had risen early to be ready in case Dad got up early and might need something or some help. Last night was his first night staying with me while my son Sean is out for the next five days on vacation.

Dad clearly doesn’t comprehend how much I worry about him, yet did not fight me when I asked him to stay here until Sean gets back. I tried to talk him into taking a shower in our bathroom, instead of fight with getting in and out of a tub-so dangerous for a man in his condition. He refused.

So I sit here, driving myself nuts with all that could possibly happen. If he falls, can I get in and help him, or did he lock the door? What to do then? I mean, I’ve seen it all before, but I know he would freak if I busted into the bathroom to help if he were to get in trouble. I wouldn’t be too happy about it either, but I would do it!

I hope the week goes smoothly, you just can’t understand how difficult it is when communicating is nearly impossible, he cannot talk anymore, texting is very difficult due to his tremor, and he is very shaky with walking, even on his cane. Yesterday, he nearly fell backwards going up the three steps into his house from the garage, thank God I was inside waiting and grabbed his arm. Yet, will he use the ramp out front that he built for Mom? No! That may have to change.

I have no steps at my house to contend with.

Today the plan is to just go with the flow, eventually I will take him to get a shave at the barber. I have cooked a delicious blueberry baked oatmeal for breakfast and later, we will go fetch the things from his house that he likes to eat and drink and bring them over here. My fridge was too full to try that yesterday. He has specific milk, yogurt, juice, and egg substitute that he normally uses at his house.

Pray for me as we work through the week, no mishaps and no disagreements 😉

Have a good day yourselves, I hope you are watching the Olympics-they have been so exciting so far!

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WOD Challenge 07-25-21 Ivy Envy

Annie Spratt for Unsplash

Ivy Envy

The ivy covered castle sat high above the sea

No longer a mighty fortress, so ivy grew there free

The stones, they may have crumbled

Yet beauty still remained

It’s verde colored carpet

Kept it’s memory unstained.

The ivy covered castle, is known both far and wide

The envy of grander castles

Takes it’s demise in stride.

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SoCS & WOD Challenges 07-24-21

God’s Paintbrush

Rigel for Unsplash

The sky was an impressive mix of colors, as if God’s paintbrush had been used to cheer up the dingy little town. Hues of blues, lavenders and pinks decorated the sky above the snow capped mountains, and the sleepy little town missed the whole picture.

I love sunrises as well as sunsets, especially on the beach, yet this picture captured so many beautiful colors mixed together, I just had to showcase this one!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “color/colour.” Use it as a noun, a verb, or pick a color and write about it–use it any way you like. Have fun!

It’s a toast 95 degrees here in the Hills today and I’d rather be swimming while my hubby plays golf, but I need to ready my house for my dad to come spend some time here next week while my oldest son goes on vacation. I’ve bought new sheets and a mattress protector for the guest bed, I need to clean up the room and make space for his clothes, so he will feel at home.

Ricotta deserts with fresh blueberries

Next, I’ll get the refrigerator cleaned up and make room for the things I’ll be bringing from his house that he likes to eat. I’d like to make more of this dessert I made for myself last week, I think Dad would like it too.

It’s kind of a trial run of sorts, to see if one day he might actually decide he would like to live with us. I know I would worry a lot less, and then Sean could see what it’s like to have only himself to manage, only himself to pay for things, and get himself in the right mindset for being on his own again.

I know Dad is more comfortable in his own house, but he has stairs to deal with and sharing the space with Sean these last five years must be sometimes stressful. Without going into details, things need to change. By Wednesday, I hope to have everything ready for Dad to spend a week here with us, pray it all works out well! Maybe we will have a cooler night or morning to watch a sunrise/sunset together.

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WOD Challenge 07-22-21 Upside-Down World

Living in upside-down world feels surreal to me, and I get the distinct deja vu feeling we are going to start the nightmare all over again!

Nathan Dunlao for Unsplash

Does anyone else feel like we are living in upside-down world? Where nothing makes sense, and everything seems to be the opposite of what it used to be?

Wrong is right, hate triumphs over good, God is out and sin and the devil are in, and so on???

Truth is covered up by lies, evil is celebrated, and I just can’t believe what is going on!

The powers that be are saying that the poor kids going back to school are going to have to wear masks again, and maybe the rest of us as well. The Olympics are plagued with threats of low viewership, new cases of Coronavirus, and Tokyo cases have spiked – I’m surprised they are being aired at all!

I used to be full of light and positivity, seeing the good in everyone. I’m having a hard time with that lately, but I keep trying. I just hope it doesn’t get me in trouble, trusting someone I shouldn’t.

I stopped watching the news because of all the lies, maybe I should stop reading it too, it just brings me down.

Tell me something good, as Chaka Khan used to say!

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