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Beach Day One

Today was our first full day in Port Bolivar (Crystal Beach) and as usual, we spent it on the beach, playing in the waves, looking for shells, sea beans, sharks teeth, and sea glass. I should not have been out there fighting the waves with the girls, but I cannot resist the lure, the pull of the ocean.

I took some pictures of Kaebree learning how to boogie board, and of the beautiful view we have as I had my coffee this morning.

This morning’s vie from the beach house.

Now, if it works, Kaebree catching a wave. Well, security reasons do not permit the video. 😔

She took pics of me in the surf. Ugh. I’ll say this, I prefer the front view to the back.

How does a small person like me have such broad shoulders? The phsyque has suffered due to lack of exercise…so naturally I over did it today. Of course I can’t wear my brace in the water but I didn’t wear it at all today, once I got down the stairs and to the beach. Then…I even went out to boogie board myself…several times.

Now I’m sitting on the couch, with my leg up. It’s cranky and swollen and I can hardly walk without it wanting to catch and lock up. I know, but I didn’t want to sit in a chair all day watching everyone else play and get sun and exercise. Btw, getting old is not for the weak. I also have an egg sized knot under my right shoulder blade, I got tense on the drive down.


Can you tell it’s the last weekend before school starts? Packed solid in both directions.

They always have to get a new kite!

Caught a parade of sorts, someone had more fun than he could take, and I caught this adorable little thing, hard at work on ….not sure.

Once we came back, we all got clean and sat down to riblets, Mexican rice and guacamole, which isn’t  bad on pork skins. Everyone is either in bed or reclining except Connie, she went for a walk on the beach!




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