SoCS Restaurant

So I’m late for SoCS but I just had to tell you the word that I have to look up every time. Restaurant. In fact, I usually just let the spell checker do it for me. Even in my Spanish lessons, I let the predictive text just put it on there.
The way I say it-res-ter-aunt, it doesn’t match the way it’s supposed to be spelled, therefore, I have to look it up every time.

On another topic, I was so embarrassed by my drawing yesterday for “storm” that I didn’t post it. I did a whole picture, but I tried to draw lightening and failed miserably. Trying to draw a photo of nature’s power is difficult at best, and I picked a tough one. If I were to put the photo and my drawing side by side here, you’d all get one heck of a good laugh. I used to know how to draw clouds too, but that didn’t work for me yesterday either. Ok, wth. Here you go, laugh away!

Not drawn by a three year old, but it looks like it 🤣
My inspiration from Unsplash

Over the weekend, Dave bought me a new keyboard so my transcription practice might be easier on my body, and I ordered my foot pedal and got it today. This should make things easier, I fought having to get one but the students all say it makes things so much faster. Now I’ll have to get used to using it, but I’m determined to get my set up correct if I’m going to do this, because the alternative is killing my body. After being hunched over trying to concentrate, type, back up, type for two hours, my whole upper body is so tight and sore, I can’t go on like that. Hopefully these new changes will get me on the road to better posture and easier typing from now on. I’ll probably start with learning how to type on the new keyboard (I’m on my iPad right now) before I finish my last transcription practice.

Y’all have a great Sunday, I’m out!


4 thoughts on “SoCS Restaurant

  1. My best drawing was a fish in 1st grade…So I take pictures and ironically supply unsplash with a few free photos. By the way, I tried your recipe on oatmeal and it was a hit. I added a link to your blog from that piece…keep drawing.

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