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Cruise Snapshots & Stories-Days 1, 2, and 3

Good morning everyone, so glad to be back on dry land and to come back to warm weather (even if it’s only temporary!)

Last week was our wonderful Southern Girls cruise to the Caribbean-7 days of go, go, go-I truly saw it all, ate it all, did it all, and shopped it all!

The reason I am starting the week’s stories and recap with the first three days is because I did not think to grab the daily Cruise Compass until Tuesday (technically the 3rd day) and we did so much but without those notes, I cannot possibly remember every moment!! Bear with me!

Okay!! Sunday started out with travelling from Ft Worth to Galveston with my best friend since childhood, Kaye. On arrival it was getting our parking place at the wonderful EZ_Cruize parking lot and taking the shuttle to the ship. From there we boarded and checked our luggage, leaving us with only the carry-ons and our purses for check-in. We had fast passes and that made things go a little quicker. We met up with Barbara (who is also my travel agent) and the rest of the Southern Girls to start our cruise and see who all came for the fun. I was so surprised to see Debbie Neef and her hubby Dennis! I already knew that Vickie Romero would be there. We met so many more wonderful people and had such a great time hearing their stories!

Kaye and I on Sunday afternoon, grabbing a snack at the Windjammer restaurant

Kaye and I went for a light lunch up at the Windjammer and that is where we had breakfast also most of the cruise. We were then supposed to meet at two for pics in our shirts but got lost and didn’t make it on time. 😦 It took a couple of days to get the hang of where everything was on the ship, day 7 we still had not seen everything!! Every day we got what Royal Caribbean calls a Cruise Compass, a daily itinerary of activities and events, dining choices, and more so we would be sure not to miss a thing. The picture just shows the front, yet it unfolds and everything practically by the minute within it’s four pages. You cannot be everywhere, but we tried to do as much as possible!

Every night we enjoyed a three-course meal with appetizer, entrée, and dessert. Pretty sure I gained 10lbs on this cruise between that and all the beverages I consumed. I started out with good intentions but like the comedian we saw on Tuesday night, by the end of the cruise you’re saying “I haven’t eaten for 30 minutes, I’m famished” lol, not really. I tried everything from escargot to cherries jubilee, tried different salads like caprese salad, and delicious entrees like swordfish and prime rib. Really, the food cannot be beat!!!

Kaye and I shared a tiny stateroom on the interior of the ship, sixth floor, toward the back, or aft, of the ship. As far as I could tell, we were above the main dining room and below the pool area that was on the 11th floor, yet I was sometimes awakened by the sound of thumping music and an announcer saying “Allllrrriiigghhtt….” or that is what it sounded like to me. :0 Most evenings when we finally drug ourselves back to our rooms, there was a delightful towel animal waiting for us. Somewhere between lunch and dinner came the issue of buying the drink package, my first experience with the sticker shock of this cruise. I did NOT take advantage of the buy-one-get-one-half-price deal and now regretted it. It was going to cost $470!!! I only had $800 in my account, so that left not much for the excursions. Anyway, we happened to check out the casino and I watched Kaye play for a bit before deciding I would spend just a little. I hit on my second game I think, it paid almost $200 dollars! So, I relented and bought the drink pkg thinking I had enough cash to do whatever else. With that package we got our “free” souvenir cups and got them filled with water or soda whenever possible.

A swan awaited us on our second night

At dinner I tried escargot for the first time and practically inhaled them, they were so garlicky and delicious! For the life of me, I cannot remember what my entrée was, but I started the crash of the diet with cheesecake! I’m sure there was wine, and that was free for the duration of the trip (along with lots of other alcohol) because we bout the package. Good thing too, since most alcoholic beverages were $12 apiece!!!

Monday is mostly a forgotten blur, but I do remember the ship rocking and being able to feel it, especially since I had a slight hangover that morning. 😉 Tuesday was super busy with the Diamond and Gemstone seminar where we got all of our shopping tips, guides, and coupons for free stuff when excursions began. We were given even more expert advise at the Diamond and Gemstone Master Class which I totally ignored once I got to Cozumel on Friday, lol. (more on that to come) Kaye had a massage booked for 2pm, so I wanted us to take advantage of the free ladies Pamper party, where we were to get facials. They just didn’t say we would be doing our own-hahahaha. She left early to get her massage and I probably went from there to the hot tub.

That evening we were treated to Saturday Night Fever, one of the ship’s spectacular shows. This was Broadway and I thought the dancing was great but the singing was…ok. Due to international laws and ship rules, we were not able to take pictures but I can assure you it was a good show! Later that night after dinner, we saw a comedian named Dan Wilson do an adult comedy show, he was great and I laughed and cried my make-up off. 🙂 My only complaint is that we were set to have dinner every night in the main dining room at 8PM which is way later than I normally eat. I had to relax and say what the heck, I’m on vacation!

I know we did much more than I highlighted here, but these posts are meant to be snapshots anyway. when I get the rest of the day 1, 2, and 3 pics to load, I will post them below. See you tomorrow for day 4 in Roatan, Honduras!!!

Me dressed up for our first formal dinner.

A shy looking Kaye since she hates being photographed!

A peek at the Royal Promenade and the Star Lounge

Barbara Boone our fabulous travel agent in her beautiful red dress!

Linda and Vickie in their formal duds

Ok guys, I’m sure I forgot some small details, remember though, this is the first couple of days at sea, there is much, much more to come!




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  1. So glad for your fabu time you had!! You are a lucky Diva winning at the casino! The Saturday night Fever production was’s awesome! Thatswan towel animal look adorable! Thanks for sharing your pics! Rolling on, Stephanie

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