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Cruise Snapshots & Stories day 5- Belize & Disco Party

Good morning everyone and Happy Halloween!! It is a much cooler day today with a promise of rain later. 😦

Today I will cover day 5 of the cruise which was set for Belize, the destination I was most excited about. Here is an excerpt from our Cruise Compass making it sound even better:

“In the 1700’s, Belize City was actually founded by former pirates. Though no longer the capital, Belize City remains at the heart of the country-its gorgeous Caribbean coastline and rich cultural life a magnet for residents and tourists alike.”

Well, to start off, we were being “tendered’ from the ship, meaning we had to go by boat in groups to shore because the ship could not get close to the coastline like in other ports due to the coral reef. I was nervous about this process only because of the time factor, yet I needn’t have worried. As long as we kept to ship’s time for getting to and from the ship on time, we were fine.

This was only a five hour excursion, some of that time was eaten up by the ride to shore, and the bus ride to our excursion which was the Belize Zoo and Kukumba Beach…a manmade beach. This time, we were headed for the central-east area of the country and as we traveled by bus, I was saddened by the poverty and not-so-tropical plants and trees along the way. We could see mountains in the distance and I sorta wished we had picked a different excursion. I kept my hopes high though as we approached the zoo.

Map of Belize Zoo location

I took way more pictures than I can post here, but the zoo was interesting to say the least. It was warm and extremely humid, yet we plowed on to see monkeys, jaguars, tapirs, and other cats that came to the zoo due to injury or being abandoned. This is a rescue type zoo, the animals are healed and rehabilitated, then set back in the wild if able. Our guide was very informative and tried to get many of the animals to come out of hiding, although sometimes she wasn’t successful in that. I took the best pics I could, many are hard to see through the cages. I did see some unusual tropical flowers and plants while here at the zoo.

King Vulture

The ocelot would not come out of hiding

Toucan-they called it the Fruit Loops Bird

Neither would Chiqui the Jaguar 😔

I can’t remember this bird’s name-some kind of stork

The beautiful McCaw and then a spider monkey

The entrance to Kukumba Beach and an interesting sculpture

From the zoo we headed to Kukumba Beach, not knowing it was a manmade beach. It was ok and at least we got cooled off. I think we had an hour or so to taste a beverage or two and play in the water, watching the other tourists slide down the huge slide and play on the water toys. There was not much time for shopping, yet we got our charm from DI and I sampled some coconut gelato. We skipped lunch, so by the time we got back to the ship, we were ravenous! Kaye had not let me buy her anything for her birthday, so I treated her to lunch at Johnny Rockets on the ship. (I had no idea yet that I had used my allotted funds 😳😂 )

Once we were feeling better after eating, our minds turned to pool activities and getting ready for the big Disco Inferno Party we had been hearing about the whole cruise. Another big disappointment…other than seeing our group dressed up in their best disco duds that is. We thought it was going to be in a club or something, but it was up and down the Royal Promenade, with people not involved pushing and shoving us to get by. I gave up after a few songs (I couldn’t dance with my swollen knee anyway) and went up to the room to watch TV. I caught a recorded episode of an interactive game they had done on board called Love and Marriage. It was a scream and I laughed out loud in my room while watching, hoping no one was around to hear me. They took couples from the audience and it went like The Newlywed Game of old. I learned some things about some passengers I never wanted to know, lol!!

Part of our party in our Disco duds.

I’m not sure why none of my Belize pictures transferred to my iPad, they are on my phone and it will take some time to figure out how to get them from there to here. I did manage to do a few so I have inserted them where appropriate, yet there were sooo many more. I will try to get to it later, I promise. If you follow me on Facebook, there are some different disco pics on there as well.

This morning I was attempting to pick up the cat for our greeting when all of a sudden the dogs started shrieking and barking, in turn scaring the cat and she scratched the heck out of my leg! Good thing it’s cool today so I can hide it with jeans.

Stay tuned when tomorrow we head to…Cozumel!! Shopping mecca and tropical paradise!



2 thoughts on “Cruise Snapshots & Stories day 5- Belize & Disco Party

  1. Sorry about the disappointments while in Belize and for the crappy disco party! The weather looked beautiful! I am afraid for that about me because of a liability issue in Belize and elsewhere. I have found that those little parties they throw on the ship are not all that and a bucket of chicken!

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    • It’s ok, at least I wasn’t at home, right??! I think I was already getting tired, the constant go, go, go is exhausting, yet exhilarating too. Now that I’m home and back to my normal pace, I’m feeling my creaking bones and aches-I never noticed any of that while on board the ship…there was no time, lol! Of course, I had to wear my brace a lot due to all the walking. I must have walked 5 miles a day or more just getting around the ship and excursions. I’m so excited for you to have the chance to go again, you’re gonna love it!


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