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Good morning everyone, today’s WOD is plan.

I’m one of those people that like to know the plan ahead of time, yet I don’t always get my way.

Going through what we are right now, waiting for the inevitable with my husband’s mom, it is hard to plan for anything, even a simple meal.

This past weekend, we went out to Red Oak where my middle son is currently living with his girlfriend and her two kids, brought them here so he could see his grandmother one last time. It’s impossible for him to come on his own because he is without a car right now. Had we known circumstances would be what they are at New Year’s, we would have brought him sooner, but we could not have predicted she would go back in the hospital on New Year’s Eve, so we took his Christmas presents to him the day before. Now we’ve made the trip twice.

Speaking of Christmas, that was another event we didn’t plan the usual way. She had gone in the hospital the first time on Christmas Eve, therefore, Christmas was not the same without her there.

Only God knows the plan. So we have the difficult task of waiting with her while God makes room in his Kingdom for her place in Heaven.

Please continue to say a prayer for David and his family for comfort and peace during this most difficult time.


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