Julie’s Bachelorette Party Pics

Yesterday I was treated to a day in Granbury, Texas, where my youngest son’s girlfriend Becky’s mom and grandma live. This was an event to celebrate her mom and her upcoming wedding to Dennis, a man she’s been dating for 4 years.

Alisha and Deanna(hidden) working on their art projects

Becky, her sister Jenny, and her cousin Alisha planned the entire day, Alisha’s mom prepared a lovely dinner and I’m sure it was a lot of hard work to pull off this sweet event.

First we all gathered at her grandma’s house to work on an art project for the tables at her wedding. We played with paint, jewelry bits and pieces to create small wooden blocks that had an ocean type theme. We had so much fun creating, talking, snacking, listening to music, and having no real pressure about time. If you enlarge this pic, you can see the boat in the background. That is Becky’s mom’s place…so lucky she is right across the pond from her mom!

A bad shot, sorry, Jenny on the right, grandma in the middle, Julie on the left. My artistic contribution, the cute glasses we were drinking from, and the inspiration for my art piece

Getting ready for the club

Once that was finished, we ate the lovely one pot garlic chicken that Alisha’s mom Katheryn made. I ate it even though it had MUSHROOMS 🍄 in it…those that know me know I do not eat any kind of mushrooms! They were chopped up very small, mixed in with the chicken and rice and the whole meal was delicious.

After that we were stuffed and tired and had to talk ourselves into the next part of the event, going to the 80’s club in Ft Worth. Once we all got dressed up in our sequins, fancy glasses and popped our Glo-sticks, we were finally in the mood. Another long drive took us to Club 80 on Taylor St in Ft Worth but we arrived around midnight! Good thing about that was it was so late that we didn’t overdo it!

Sorry I was having too much fun to take pics, more to come later. Becky and sister Jenny rocking it at the club

The wedding is in two weeks and there is so much more for them to do, but I’m sure it will all come together beautifully 😊 This family is full of headstrong, beautiful, capable women after all! As soon as I get everyone else’s pics, I’ll do a second post.

It was such a fun club and we played a daring bachelorette party game that was hysterically fun! There’s a deck of cards, see, and each lady draws a card and has to do what it says. Some of mine were “ Get a guy to give you a piggy back ride” and “Find a blonde man and do a shot with him”. Everyone was such good sports and played along, I think it’s the general atmosphere of the club that made them so friendly. Had my husband been a fly on the wall!! Hey, at least there was no stripper! 🤣

Thanks goes out to Becky and Jenny for the transportation, Her grandma, Shirley for letting us use her house to create, Katherine for cooking, and everyone that had a part in the festivities 🥳 it was a blast!

The guys went to a gun range for a while, went back to the house and played pool and hung out. That was Dennis’s bachelor party but they seemed content with what they did. 😊


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