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Word of the Day Challenge

Feeling Blessed & Lucky

Good morning everyone and how was your Mother’s Day?!

I for one had a lovely day and this morning, I am feeling so lucky to have such good sons, as well as a doting husband!!

They showered me with flowers, cards, and jewelry and the one who couldn’t make it was good enough to call me!

Unfortunately, I was living in the moment and forgot to take pictures…again…but this morning I took a few to share with you.

Flowers and a card from the baby boy, Chris

From son #1 Sean, flowers and a card

Jewelry and a card from my love 🥰

Add to that a dinner prepared by my hubby and sister-in-law that included salmon, steak, mint and strawberry salad, and baked brussels sprouts with bacon. He even made a sugar-free berry cobbler so I could partake! Everything tasted yummy and I’m looking forward to re-runs tonight!

I hope all you mothers out there had a great day as well!



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