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WOD Challenge 8-7-22 Do I Need Approval?

The pics of my house are back and they look great! But I have a question.

Am I allowed to share with you or on social media before the actual listing goes live this Wednesday? Do I need their approval before sharing with my blogger buddies? They said I could share with my friends and y’all are my friends! ☺️

First batch

Second batch

Last batch

I couldn’t make the link from the photographer’s email work, so I took screenshot of three pages. You won’t be able to enlarge a single picture, but the whole page will enlarge if you stretch them like any other pictures. Anyone want a house in Texas? 😉😂☺️

I worked three days to get the house this clean and shiny but the photographer really worked her magic with light and camera angles. I was amazed how good they looked!

Now let’s see how long it’s going to take to sell after the listing goes live! I’m feeling blessed regardless, not in a hurry as the plans are ever changing. Honestly, at this point I’m more concerned with getting what we are asking for it so we can plan accordingly.

Real estate has gone up, as you probably know, and I believe that’s why so many people are moving to Texas from states like California, because they are used to so much higher mortgage rates. Saying that, I believe we will be listing somewhere in the neighborhood of $410,000. It is totally on par with the comps in our neighborhood.

If anyone is interested in seeing the listing when it goes live, I’ll share that too.
Say a prayer for us, if you don’t mind. It would really help us make the next decision easier. 🤗

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WOD Challenge 8-5-22 Taking Shape!

Almost finished ✔️

I’ve had a relaxing day and even worked two hours on my latest Diamond Art project!

I was focusing so hard on the work, I didn’t see that I’m so close to being done! I never even saw the light house was done until today, before I started the last 30 minute session.
You use tiny little jewels, not exactly bijoux, but that’s why they call it Diamond Art.

I felt I deserved a “screw off” day after the week I’ve had getting the house ready for the photographer to come take pics because (drum roll) we’re putting her on market next Wednesday!!

If it sells as fast as we’re hoping, I’m asking for a thirty day period to get the RV loaded and set up an estate sale. Plus, David hasn’t even started on sorting his clothes yet. In addition, we are still on the fence about getting that lake house. I say no, but he is still entertaining the idea.

So, our new adventure is taking shape as well! Wish us luck!!

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WOD Challenge 8-1-22 Lazy Limerick

Ivan Ileksic for Unsplash

There once was held a delegation

Concerning the upcoming oration

Detailing one’s future education.

The powers that be

Claimed school should be free

Thus the vote on the floor was affirmation!

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WOD Challenge 7-31-22 Walkthru #2

Yesterday we had our second walk through of our beautiful new (to us) RV and Dave drove it!!

I was there to check the storage capacity and Dave was there to learn some tips and tricks from the previous owner, Wes, and possibly take her for his first spin. He did and found it was surprisingly smooth! Of course, it should be because it is air cushioned on a freight liner chassis. I’m feeling so blessed and grateful because the storage is more than adequate and Wes gave us lots of extras! That was very nice of him!

Dave parked while getting instructions from Wes.

Once the trip was over, Wes instructed Dave to go to the wash pad so we could practice putting out the sliders. I was sitting in the window taking notes, while the sun baked my back with the heat coming through the large, rounded window. Luckily, the lesson and demo was short. After leveling the motorhome, it’s simply a push of a button, however, we learned that you must walk around the vehicle before you put them out. Are there tree branches in the way? Are you too close to any poles or other obstructions? Once deemed safe, then you put out the sliders.

Now, after viewing and taking photos of all the storage space, I’m more relaxed and so is Dave after driving it.

This week’s goals are to get the house on the market, check out more storage facilities, one for closer RV storage, one for our household items that aren’t going with us.

Partial view of kitchen storage.

Spice cabinet or extra storage w/pullout drawers.

Wardrobe closet.

Two drawer dresser when the slider is out.

Above the bed storage.

This is a small example of the storage space. In the bedroom, there are also two slim closets on either side of the bed. There’s another large bank of cabinets over the couch and dinette. Under the sink and counter are more, and the is a linen closet for bathroom towels. Inside the bathroom is a cabinet under the sink, and three drawers, and in the toile room, one above the toilet.

Of course, you can’t forget the basement of the RV for tools, chairs, bikes, etc. Still, it’s less than a quarter of the space one has in a 4/2/2 home! Much trimming the fat has to be done. I feel no sorrow about this. When you think of all the items in your home, which ones do you use the most often? That is the list of items you’ll want to take with you. The rest gets stored, sold, or given away.

That is also one of this week’s goals, pack more stuff. Make sections of space for garage sale items, storage boxes, and pack in totes what is going with us. Or at least, make a list of what needs to go with us, because right now, we are still using it.

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WOD Challenge 7-28-22 He Says I’m Anal

Well, maybe I am, but is it my fault I want a sense of order in this crazy, upside-down world we are living in?

So I want the towels laid on the edge of the sink, not wadded up and thrown on the counter. Don’t put the dirty dishes in the drain where the clean dishes are, or better yet, rinse them off and stick them in the dishwasher…it’s right there! And for heaven sakes, don’t put large paper plates in my kitchen trash, put them in the trash on the patio! Is that so much to ask?

I do not feel guilt for being the way I am. The world is out of control, I have to have some sense of control in my own little world. I follow traffic laws, but no one else seems to care. We went to look at a Jeep tonight (unfortunately during rush hour) and I never saw so much lawlessness and rude, hateful behavior in one hour as I did tonight. I was in a totally bad mood by the time we got to the restaurant. It was blazing hot, traffic was backed up on every freeway, and people were trying to pass on the shoulder, cutting people off, honking at others who did the same while holding their phones in front of their faces, motorcycles driving at a high rate of speed in between cars…the list goes on and on.

I really needed that margarita (it WAS date night after all) by the time we got to Frijoles!

The Jeep was a hot mess, no ac, mushy brakes, loose suspension, twenty-five years old and he wanted 11,000 dollars??? We’ll keep looking thank you.

I could have talked about my real causes of guilt, but I’ve talked about that a dozen times. I don’t apologize for my need to control my corner of the universe, do you? I’m the butt of the joke in my family because everyone knows how I am and they make fun of me. Thank you for listening to my rant. 😉

At least he puts his clothes in the hamper and not on the floor next to it!

PS: Everyone I know knows I’m married to a good egg. He cooks, he cleans, he is calm when I am stressed and vice versa. He does almost all of the yard work. We are a good team, but I have my little quirks. I know we aren’t all perfect, but if he has any with me, he hasn’t shared them. Except maybe I talk to much 🤣😂

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