Off to the Races!

Friday night I told my husband Dave that Saturday we needed to get out of here and go do something fun. Like go to the horse races in Grand Prairie about thirty minutes from here. He had a long weekend and I was tired of us being shackled to the house, honey do’s, and the usual. So after a brief visit to my dad’s, where I asked him to come along but he declined, we headed out on our little day trip.

We allocated $100 to wager, but first, we decided to get lunch somewhere we had never been. That ended up being P.F. Chang’s, a delicious decision! We got the lettuce wraps, a very wise choice, as they were yummy!

My honey Dave, in a great mood anticipating our lunch choices

Lettuce wraps with ground chicken, spices, water chestnuts, and rice noodles

For our entree, we had Schezuan Beef, with brown rice. It was good, but not as spicy as I had hoped for. All in all, a great first experience, enhanced by our knowledgeable waiter, Micheal. You know he was good when I can remember his name! 🤣

After lunch, we decided to kill some time at Fry’s electronic super store, it was a dry run.

Then it was finally time to head to the track. We got there as the gates opened, which was too early as the first race didn’t start until 2:30. We had plenty of time to procure beverages, study the tip sheets, and make our first wagers.

Our track is called Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie and racing season is April 18 thru July 21. There are eateries, a concert venue, and of course, the racetrack which has 4 levels and various ticket prices. We sat inside because it was 94 degrees outside and that’s too hot for four hours with no shade. Unfortunately, it was like a meat locker inside and no amount of bouncing, dancing, excitement, or alcohol warmed me up!

After checking out Rick’s Picks and listening to the spread and updates by the track announcers, we made our wagers and got ready to watch the first exciting race. Dave is excellent at picking exactas, trifectas, and win, show, place bets, so we actually won the first race! I am hooked at that point because my job is picking the ponies, and I had done a good job. We won $37.60, a modest win, but we didn’t have to touch the balance of the money the rest of the day!

Race #2 we had the winning exacta and winner, yet it only paid $10.65. Still a win! Race #3 had no long shots, but I liked three of the ladies, Brave Daisy, True Confession, and Dark Desert Wine- we won on the trifecta, and an exacta I think-anyway, we won $40 that race.

Our view

Ponies coming into the finish line-not a winner in the bunch 😔

Race #4 was a mess! The horses were upset for some reason, one got scratched when she wouldn’t go in the stand, and we took it on the chin this race, only netting $5.40.

Race #5 was worse, we lost completely, missing the trifecta by one horse! Not deterred we put our heads down, studied our tip sheets and made new pick for race #6. We picked a trifecta, two exactas, and a horse to win, and the exacta came through again. This time we won $22.80!


I think horse racing is so much more exiting than watching your money get sucked away by a slot machine at a casino. Had I not been so cold, it would have been a much more enjoyable experience. By race #7, the clouds were moving in and we tried not to worry, noting the weather had not predicted anything for us until late afternoon.

Darkening skies loomed

I tried with no success to insert a short video of a race finish, no matter, we lost on that one too. Race #7 we won the exacta, yet the odds were so low we only netted $8.40. And I was so sure Miss Spicy would take the win. She didn’t even show up! Oh well, we decided one more drink, one more race and we better leave with the storm clouds just getting darker. We should have quit while we were ahead. Race #8 we lost completely when the trifecta we picked missed by one horse again. We had the wrong ones picked for the exactas too.

Rushing out to redeem our balance, all the tellers machines had frozen, so we had to take our uncashed ticket for $26 balance home, a new reason to come back within the year. That’s how long the ticket is redeemable. We had valet get our newly washed car, and tried to out race the storm. Well, we lost that one too. 😔

Racing the storm home

I have never seen the lightning that intense, twice we saw bolts come down right in front of us. We got a good rain, thunder, but thankfully no hail. Safely back at home, we binged on Justified and had a relaxing evening.


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