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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #37


Heading back to the condo for my margarita, my umbrella was already set up and waiting for my return. My beach bag I left on my beach chair since the crowds were thin that day. Once I returned, I set my frosty, delicious beverage in the chair cup holder, rubbed my body down with suntan lotion, and sat back to enjoy my little slice of paradise.


Tien inspired me with a subject I know only too well-how to relax on the beach! Thanks Tien


7 thoughts on “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #37

      • I think it comes from whatever is registered with you gravatar. When I first started blogging I had three blogs, but always the my little calling card labelled me and crimsonprose, and added in the url. Still, for me, at least, you’re now on follow, so your posts will deliver straight to my reader 🙂
        And I might (when I squeeze some minutes out of the day) have a look at your Keto site too, since I too do keto, though I’m slipping ever more often back to Paleo.

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  1. That’s what I started with and I lost most of my weight on that then I fell off the wagon and decided to go keto and I’m maintaining a certain weight but I’d really like to be 10 pounds lighter. Thanks for your comment and I’m glad you got my post!


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