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Good News-An Update


Word of the Day Challenge

As I sat in the surgeon’s office with my husband this morning, I was anxious to hear the news about how well my foot is healing up and hopeful I would be scheduled soon for my knee surgery. Well, all that came true! My foot is mending fine on it’s own, I need to wear the aircast for 3 more weeks, but now I can WALK on it!! Then a week after that, on Friday, September 13, I will have my knee surgery at last!!

Good thing I’m not superstitious!

When the doctor said I could walk on the cast/boot, my eyebrows knitted together in confusion, I said, “She told me I could not walk on it.”

Dr. Saing said yes, I can. So-Yea!! Now I can move freely around the house, even if I still cannot drive, this makes me so happy! You have no idea! 🙂

Keep up the prayer, good vibes and happy thoughts, they must be helping me immensely! I appreciate your support as I get through this last hump.

My dad is also healing up nicely from his facial injuries he sustained in the fall on Friday. Unfortunately, I did not do the best job “stitching” his cut closed with the steri-strips, he will probably sport a gnarly scar. His response to that was he will be glad to show his scar, which is why I have dubbed him Tough Guy, lol.



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