2 thoughts on “my KETO journey – tada!

  1. I’d advocate a keto-diet. It reversed my diabetes. But no great weight loss since I’d already plummeted when I first went on Paleo. And now I’ve been a year on a plateau, and the weight is slipping back. More exercise? Less carbs? Less? Less would mean none.

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  2. Without knowing your exact diet, if you “cheat” now and then, if you consume alcohol and some other factors, it’s really hard to say. For myself, I know that’s why MY weight has plateaued, for all those reasons above. Plus, being as injured as I have been this year, my exercise has been severely limited. I cannot wait until I can walk again!!!
    Now, I’ve had it told to me that exogenous ketones are supposed to work whether you follow the keto diet 100% or not, and I have been back on them for a week or so. I have been eating mostly keto, but having date nights, alcohol, beans on occasion, chips, and salsa….you get the picture. Still, my weight is the same. So for you, maybe more exercise, I don’t know. What is your fitness level?


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