WOD Challenge-09-02-19-Bizzare

Word of the Day Challenge

HAPPY LABOR DAY everyone! Are we resting and recovering this morning, working as usual, or something entirely different? Whatever it is, enjoy the day!

My radar cut off the other half of the storm

In a bizarre twist of fate, or maybe because I PRAYED for it, that nasty girl Dorian has turned and looks to have spared Florida total devastation. Thank you Lord!

That doesn’t mean my brother-in-law gets to come home, however. Now he’s being sent to The Bahamas and what a mess they have there! 😔 I guess he’s headed there at the end of the week, once he gets his passport obtained. I understand you can do that quickly if it’s an emergency like in this case.

I wish him the safest of travels and I hope he won’t be there as long as he was in Houston. Connie only got to see him a week before he got sent out again. Ah, the life of a disaster restoration project manager. 😕 Currently he is in Tampa, getting loads of rain as he waits for the next step.

In other news, we had part of the family over for burgers, brats, and pool time yesterday and as usual, I forgot to take pics. That’s a sign of a good time I guess!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and you are refreshed for the start of a new week. I’m trying to wrap my mind around the fact that summer is almost over…I’m never ready for cold weather, so I hope it holds off for a while longer. We never got to go on vacation yet this year, hopefully after I recover from my upcoming knee surgery we can do that.

Well, I gotta go get busy doing something so I can say I was productive today 😝


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