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WOD Challenge-09-03-19-Wicked

Word of the Day Challenge

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Tis The Season

Something wicked this way comes

Dorian is her name

Wreaking havoc in her path

Up the coastal plain

Witchy storm, whirling dervish

Churning up the seas,

Devastating, decimating,

Despite the people’s pleas

Heed the warnings, board your windows

This storm is a monster, true

Evacuate before its too late,

I’d get out if I were you!

Tis the season, after all,

Storms come every year

It’s no one’s fault,

Just Mother Nature

Shedding her wicked tears.


That’s my contribution today, saying continued prayers for all those people in the Bahamas as well as all my friends and fellow bloggers along the eastern coast. Pray also if you will for all the rescue and restoration folks who will have more work on their hands than they can handle.



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