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WOD Challenge-09-01-19-Winner

Word of the Day Challenge

Good morning and how is everyone’s Sunday morning so far? I am full of hope that Dorian will turn herself out to sea now that she has been upgraded to a Cat 5, and I’ve already prayed to God that she does just that. In case you don’t know or she does not turn out to sea, GET OUT OF DODGE!!! All my friends in Florida and up the east coast, PLEASE evacuate as ordered!! This is a very dangerous storm, my brother-in-law has already been sent to Florida in anticipation of devastation and the necessary disaster restoration. PRAY that everyone heeds the warnings this time and stay out of harms way!

WHEW! Ok, that’s out of the way, now on to the Word of the Day challenge-the prompt is Winner.

Broccoli rabe

Did you ever notice how going to the store or fast food joints that all the healthy food is high as all get out but the junk food is cheap as dirt? Well, I have a theory, but you might call me a conspiracy theorist if I say what it is. Anyway, I have a real winner in these exogenous ketones I have been back on, yes, they are expensive, but I can tell such a difference in the way I feel that it is worth it to me to keep drinking them and finding a way to afford them. Pruvit has tons of help and resources to teach me how to do it, I have just been less than enthusiastic about marketing the products. It seems no one is interested or just plain cannot afford to try them right now, even the few folks I asked to buy samples never got back to me. Oh well. Their loss is my gain I guess.

What is your plan for the holiday weekend? We are going to have the family over for a cookout later, after church and a trip to the grocery store. Hopefully, yesterday’s heat warmed the pool back up to an acceptable temperature for one last hurrah! I would like to get a bit of sun before the winter turns me pasty white again, lol. Whatever you do, have fun, stay safe, and join me in saying prayers for all those in the path of Dorian. Have a blessed Sunday and stay healthy everybody!



(click on the Pruvit link if you’re interested in seeing how their products work for you)

Comment if you are interested or have any questions.


2 thoughts on “WOD Challenge-09-01-19-Winner

  1. Having a son and a brother-in-law in the disaster restoration business makes me hyper-aware of the weather, as if I wasn’t already, lol! I just want everyone to be safe and heed the warnings. The first thing I saw on my iPad this morning was that the storm had been upgraded to a Cat 5. I’m so scared that thousands of people will die because they think they can ride it out. Please, please be mindful and evacuate if told to. 🙂


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