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JusJoJan 1-5-2020 Intention

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It’s so funny that today’s word prompt for JusJoJan is intention, because in church this morning, the pastor was talking about being intentional in your faith. He was also talking about planning for the new year, and the fact that no matter how hard things are, in the end, it will all be alright. We are promised that by God. The message was to be stewards and spread the good news because people who are down and out need to hear it. They need to know that their situation WILL get better someday, when He returns and that we are not alone, because He is with us always.

It is MY intention to find more ways to be intentional in my faith, whether that is joining the choir, volunteering my time or just trying to meet more members of my church, I need to get more involved. The more we help others, the less we think about ourselves and our problems. Our church helps with a mobile food pantry once a month among other things. I volunteered last month and it was a lot of fun, plus I met new people. No, they were not from our church, but that’s ok! They were super nice and I hope to see them again when I volunteer this Friday (weather permitting.)

I’m also being intentional about my commitment to writing more, daily in fact, somewhere on some platform or publication. Linda G Hill’s daily prompt for this month make that easy to accomplish. For me, it will be a place to jumpstart my daily writing before I move to other projects for the day.

Join in the fun and check out the rules by clicking on her link. It’s not to late to jump in, there’s a new prompt for each day of this month.



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