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JusJoJan & WOD 1-24-21

Well, sue me, I believe I missed a day of JusJoJan but hopefully I make up for it today.

I guess you could say I am hiding from my responsibilities this morning to relax with my coffee, read my emails, do my Spanish lesson, and write my blog before it’s time to go to the store, watch our church service and host family dinner. I don’t even know what we are making yet. 🤣

Yesterday, we visited my mother, and Dave’s parent’s resting place out at DFW National Cemetery. It was a fitting day, gloomy, foggy, misty, and cool. I didn’t know we were going, we just started driving and ended up there.

From there, we visited Living Spaces in Grand Prairie and neither of us were very impressed. Too expensive and not really our style for furniture.

From there, we went downtown Ft Worth, closer to home, to have a late lunch and a margarita at mis favorito restaurante, Los Vaqueros. After that, we went to visit the grave of our dear family friend, Jack Collier. Dave misses him so much!

I’ve written about Jack before in my short story Our Friend Jack, if you’d like to read it.

I haven’t seen my youngest and his girlfriend in several weeks and I find it’s getting hard to breath. I hope he visits today, but he works so much, I’m doubtful I will. His girl Becky got a mild case of COVID but has recovered, so it’s safe for them to visit now. Maybe we will get lucky and see them for dinner.

Maybe we will have gumbo. It’s another gloomy looking day with storms possible. Sounds like a great day for gumbo!

I have been watching a show on Netflix called Surviving Death. They talk with several people who have seen or seen signs of their loved ones after they’ve passed, giving hope and comfort to the survivors. Having been raised to believe that we go to heaven and the soul no longer cares what is going on down here, I’m very skeptical about these stories, but they are so compelling, it all sounds plausible. There is also talks with Mediums, ghost hunters and the like, but the people who specifically asked their loved ones to show them a sign and then got that very specific sign is encouraging.

The show explains a lot of the science behind the phenomena, and my scientific mind wants to allow for this possibility, even if my religious upbringing “forbids” it. There are experts, and first hand accounts throughout this show that make it all sound so believable. It is not “witchy” or evil in any way, these are beautiful stories told about near death experiences, and other cases of communicating with people’s loved ones after death. It is, in fact, all very spiritual, and most of these people are believers and Christians.

I asked for a sign from my grandmother for years after she passed away. I never got one, but maybe it is because my energy is too negative and I need to open my mind to the possibility. I HAVE always thought she was my guardian angel. Now, with Mom, it’s so different because we had a volatile relationship, yet I loved her. Is that why I don’t get a sign from her? I don’t know. I don’t even know if it’s right to want to, because of my belief system. Anyway, I tell you all of this to say that yesterday while we were visiting her columbarium (such a weird feeling btw), I asked her (in my mind) to show me a sign that she is ok wherever she is and that she is not angry with me. I wish I could have that peace of mind, but I may never until I am with her again in heaven.

I think the show is worth the watch, please do and share your thoughts with me later. I hope you all have a blessed Sunday!


WOD Challenge & JusJoJan Prompts 1-31-20 My Last Day

Good morning everyone! It’s Friday, Yea!

Yesterday was my last day at my part-time job, wrangling preschoolers at the church daycare and let me just say, it was not as filled with chaos as normal. It was refreshing to see a sense of community with them as they focused together on the tasks Miss Ashley and Miss Emma had given them. I joined in to help where needed and basically enjoyed my last day with the kiddos, giving hugs out when I left and promising to come visit when I could. I will miss the little toots! Here are a few pics of them hard at work. (No names to protect their identities)

Look at that concentration 😊

She’s such a doll!

His fingers were dirty 🤣

Working on their craft.

It’s Friday and I have my work cut out for me; on one level, I want to get all the writing projects I know are “due” today done, and on another, I want to find new opportunities so I will have work to do next week. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a productive (or relaxing) day, whichever you’re going for!


JusJoJan Prompt-1-30-20 Finished

The End is Almost Here!

VELOBAR+ for Unsplash

I have to thank Linda G Hill for giving us this month-long challenge; Just Jot it January! If it were not for this challenge to boost me and my writing efforts this month, I would not have been half as productive as I have been, so thank you again Linda!

The end of the month is nearing and the challenge is close to being finished! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, the race is almost over…wait, this wasn’t exactly a race, but you guys see what I’m saying, right?! 😉

I have many other projects to do and other places to write, now that this challenge gave me the jump start I needed, so wish me luck. Anyone needing advice on where to go to get your writing “out there” and maybe even make some pennies while you’re at it, let me know, I have lots of resources! Now, however, I need to get busy on that myself and get to work!

I’m apologizing ahead of time if I can’t read and/or comment on your posts as much as I have been, but I will try. It’s just that I plan on being as busy as possible getting some other things lined up so I can replace the part-time income I was getting since that job is almost over now. You will still see me for sure, just maybe not every. single. day. 🙂




WOD Challenge & JusJoJan Prompts 1-28-20 Nothing Good

Last night there was nothing good on television, our regular shows were reruns, so we tuned in to America’s Got Talent 2020 Champions show and were really impressed by some of the acts.

Kids seem to have so much talent these days, and you know they don’t get that from parking their butts in front of the tv, they have to work hard and practice…a lot! But it wasn’t all kids either, there were many collaborations, mixing old and young, as with the group Shadow Dancers. This show is highlighting acts that made it so close to the finish line, but didn’t actually win. So this year they are back to fight to be the best and win AGT 2020. You should check it out if you like variety shows.

You know, I realize I have a bad habit of watching too much television, sitting is the new smoking and all that. Yet at night, even though it’s still hard to be still, I find myself sucked in, over and over by one good show or series after the other. I told my hubby we really need to do something else, I mean, at least he works out first, but I don’t think it’s healthy sitting around all night, when we could be doing other, productive and/or fun things.

Maybe we could do two things together, like watch a show while playing pool, or play a board game at the same time. At least we would be moving around and off the couch.

We could go visit friends, get more involved with church activities, (ours even has a game night), or do touch ups and /or repairs to things around the house. Join a bowling league, go play putt putt, or hang out with our family more. (Of course, I was trying to think of things that don’t cost extra money.)

I have tried coloring and/or doing crochet while watching tv, just so I’ll feel productive, like I’m also doing something else. Of course, there’s playing games and/or reading on our iPads while we watch, which is what we do 90% of the time.

I think it’s hearing about what other people do at night that makes me feel guilty for just sitting and watching television. I could be writing, or doing Diamond Art Projects, but my husband and I like to be together, so this is what we do. Are we going to suffer ill health because of our nightly habit- shouldn’t he be allowed to decompress and rest?

See, I already sit a lot during the day being a writer, so it’s really me I’m worried about.

We aren’t like this as much in the summertime, we like to sit outside on the patio and listen to music, or swim, while we enjoy a few beverages. I guess nothing good can come from that either, lol. It depends on who you ask I suppose. At least we are together doing whatever. Isn’t that what really matters?



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