WOD Challenge-1-30-20 Vile

Facebook Just Feeds The Monster

I just have to get off of social media for a while,

The constant negative stories are so vile,

They make me so sad, I don’t want to feel bad

So I’m leaving, watch me go out in style.


Anyone else feel this way? I am constantly disgusted by the stories of abuse to kids, animals, death, and destruction. Of the horrible acts people commit on each other and Facebook just feeds the frenzy. So I’m about ready to check out…take a break…from social media for a while. Maybe when I come back it will be a more positive place, but for now…I gotta split. I’ll be pretty busy anyway, maybe I won’t even miss it. It is an addiction, a time waster. I’ll be better off without it. Yes, I will miss connecting with friends and blogger buddies, but you all know where to find me. Call me, email me, come see me on my blogs, or on Medium, Pinterest, Instagram just not Facebook. I’m cutting the cord for a bit.



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