WOD Challenge 2-10-20 Mother Nature and the Nature of Things

View from my front door

Ah, well. Mother Nature is feeling kind of irritable today, temps in the 40’s, rain off and on…and wouldn’t you just know, I’m having computer issues and doctor’s offices calling. Isn’t that just the nature of things? You try and plan for a busy day and then nothing wants to work out in your favor.

The computer finally booted up, but the iPad’s VPN will not turn off.

The imaging place called to schedule Dad’s MRI, yet I don’t know if his insurance will cover that yet. I don’t even know if he is in network for the doctor we saw until she calls me back. Which could take all day, let’s pray it doesn’t, I don’t want to take him in for an expensive scan until I know. The imaging place for the MRI is in Ft Worth.

I started this morning very early in anticipation of all this happening, made egg cups and did the laundry before I ever sat down to write. Let’s hope everything works out perfectly, I get some work done, and Dad gets his scan today. The quicker we get all of the ordered tests done, the sooner we find out what kind of Parkinson’s he has and if Dr. Cheng can help him or not.

Wow! They just called to schedule his EEG as well, that will be done in Arlington. Sounds like this week is testing week. Next one to call and schedule a test will be for the DAT Scan. Might as well get them all knocked out in one fell swoop since she wants to see him back in a month to discuss all of the results, right?! The DAT Scan will also be done in Ft Worth.

Sounds like I’ll be doing a lot of driving as well, good thing I like to drive, bad thing is the weather being the way it is, that’s just how it goes though. It can’t always be sunshine and 70 degrees, although that would be fabulous!



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