One-Liner Wednesday 3-4-20 Qwirkle!

“Qwirkle with the kids made me so happy this weekend!”


Yes, I finally found someone to play my new game Qwirkle with me this weekend! I was overjoyed that my son’s girlfriends wanted to play, and my youngest (Chris) seemed to enjoy himself as well. I was hoping he would take it as more of a challenge, be in love with the game like I am, but I think he was just trying to appease me, lol. Either way, it worked and he and the girls made this mama very happy!

Qwirkle is a fun and challenging matching game that was introduced to me by some high school friends at a recent get together. I was so smitten with the game, I had to purchase one for myself. I can’t wait until I get my best friend over and hopefully she loves to play as much as me!

The girl on the right is Chasity, Joshua’s girlfriend. She is visually impaired but had little trouble playing the game. The colors on the pieces are nice and bright, when she did have a problem, I just told her what color or shape she was looking at. The couple on the left is my youngest, Chris and his girlfriend Becky (Rebecca)-she took to the game like a duck to water, I’m sure we will be playing again. Chasity seemed to like it as well!

I love games, we need to play more as a family and get away from the idiot box! I’m just as addicted to my shows as the next person, yet I realize time with family is much more important. I must be getting old. LOL


One-Liner Wednesday

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