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One-Liner Wednesday-Mocha?

It’s time for Linda G Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday

I told my hairdresser “marrones” not maroon!! 🤣

I know you probably can’t tell in the photo, but my hair is a violet red color. I had asked the hairdresser to go darker and my thought was mocha, as in chocolate brown. Marrones is Spanish for brown, but to her mocha is evidently dark red-which she translated to violet-red. Anyway, that was Monday and she offered to “fix” it for me, but I loved the color so much I told her not to worry about it. It will, however, take a few washings to get the red scalp to go away!

It is cold, rainy, wet, and getting colder by the minute. What a good day to stay in and work on office stuff. I’ve been toying with the idea of trying to sell my other website…

But then, I tell myself, when I’m done with my transcription course and I get ready to market myself as a transcriptionist, won’t I still need one? Should I scrap the old and make a brand new website or keep the one I have and rename it yet again? What do yall think I should do?

My other issue that needs attention is that when I got ready to do my next practice tape, my pedal wasn’t working and I need to figure out if its the pedal or my transcription software acting up.

My office needs organizing already, don’t know if I’ll get around to that, I also have a Diamond Art project begging to be worked on. 😉

I have been neglecting my writing and my practice, so I really have my work cut out for me today. Luckily, supper is made so I have no worries there, save possibly adding a salad. Yesterday, I made soup from our leftover turkey, but the rice swelled in it and it looks more like a casserole than soup, lol. Still, it was edible. 😉

Happy Wednesday everyone or Feliz Mercoles!


One-Liner Wednesday


Happiness in Linus’ World-WOD Challenge-08-12-20 & One Liner Wednesday

Feliz Mercoles everyone!!

Brought to you today by Kristian and Linda, this double-duty post is saving me time and space, I hope you all don’t mind!

Okay, so I stole this off the internet, but I remembered Linus and his blanket the minute I saw the word for today!

Much like a warm blanket, is the heat we are experiencing right now, forcing most of us to hang around inside, so wish me a day of productivity and happiness at getting the job done! I have so much to do!

One-Liner Wednesday

Word of the Day Challenge


Look Over Yonder-A Multi-Challenge Post

Look Over Yonder

Look over yonder and what do you see?

That there cruise ship is waiting for me

Floating along on the big blue sea

Waiting to fill my dreams to be

Would you come with me

Out to the sea?

Bet we could party

Or distant lands see

I want you to join me

Won’t you come, please?

Out over yonder

Gargantuan seas.


Word of the Day Challenge

One-Liner Wednesday



One-Liner Wednesday-The Baby Shower

Too pretty to eat!


I went to my god daughter Elaina’s baby shower on Sunday, the them was “Watch me Bloom” and the place was decorated in all things sunflower. I so related, since I have a volunteer sunflower growing in my corner garden, dropped there by a bird most likely, since the neighbor’s bird feeder practically hangs over the adjoining fence.

Anyway, the table with the sweets as well as the table with the healthy snack options, were both pretty, so fancied up with all those sunflowers. Of course, I could not partake of anything at the sweets table, but I did have a small snack of meat and cheese, with a few veggies from the healthy table.

Alaina looked beautiful, she is due on June 1st, you can see she is ready to pop any day now. This will be her first child, her sister Emma has two…the entertaining and adorable Maili, and her big brother, a handsome little dude, Chase. We were given a packet of sunflower seeds with the words “A baby is blooming, watch me grow” on them. Baby Evalynn due to arrive June 1, 2020.

The shower was fun, I caught up with friends and Elaina’s grandma Jo, who reminds me of my own mother-in-law. I don’t know why, but I always end up hanging out with my elders instead of my friends, I think it’s a respect thing. Or maybe I relate to older people better, after working in nursing homes for many years. Of course, it could be that I spend 50% of my time with my dad too.

The visit was nice, some people wore masks and others did not, now I have to be concerned about whether I picked anything up and was I being selfish not to wear a mask, and should I wear one on our girls trip coming up?? UGH, I hate this virus and what it’s doing to our way of life. Until Miss Stephanie brought the subject up last night, I hadn’t even given it much thought. Now I’m sitting here thinking about the fact that I visited Dad yesterday, and hugged him before I left. I can only hope and pray we are all going to be alright.

This post is brought to you by Linda G Hill.

One-Liner Wednesday