SoCS 3-28-20 My Essentials

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “beside you.” Write about whatever is beside you when you read this prompt. Not when you sit down to write, but whatever is beside you right now. Take note of it if you think you might forget. Enjoy!

Thanks to Linda for her SoCS prompt yesterday!

My smiling dog Whiskey

When I sit down to write, I always have my essentials beside me, phone, drink (whatever that might be), JUUL (no lectures please), and a pen and notepad. Now, that changes if I’m sitting on the couch (which has built in recliners). At all times, my furry companion sits next to me, her name is Whiskey. Sometimes Brandy joins her (my other Shorkie) and other times Callie the cat has to join in the fun, but that means Brandy will probably leave. Most of the time, I’m writing at my desk, so they can’t “bother” me. Today it’s Saturday afternoon though, so I’m being lazy and typing my post while sitting on the couch and the dogs are barking at everyone that happens to walk by with their dogs. Right now, that is happening a lot due to people staying home, the nice weather, and folks just wanting more exercise lately. So nothing is beside me but my essentials and my iPad. Well, hubby Dave is close by on the other couch, playing his video game and watching tv. 😉 Having done our chores for the day, we are being quite lazy, which is ok I guess since we are stuck at home.




4 thoughts on “SoCS 3-28-20 My Essentials

  1. truelifechronicles1973 says:

    Sounds quite nice!! Sometimes my cat is beside me, but a lot of times he pushes his way onto my lap, despite the fact that my laptop is already there, lol!

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  2. I was lucky that this wasn’t my answer. For some reason, I was alone on the bed as I read the prompt. I had just moved all my stuff into the bedroom as the living room was getting far too cold to sit and type or knit. It is warmer than it used to be in the living room as we have a little heater in there. But near the end of the month meant the electric bill will be due soon and we didn’t want to increase it. Kali and the cats hadn’t noticed yet.

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