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SoCS & WOD 09-04-21 A New Ride

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “pin.” Use it as a noun, use it as a verb, use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Linda has given the prompt for today’s SoCS Saturday, so here is my stream.

After a breakfast of pin oats, more commonly known as “steel-cut” oats, an egg and a banana, Dad and I got his basic bathroom routine done and he assumed his spot on the incliner. I did laundry and filled his medicine box, freshened up his room, and went and got myself ready for the day while Dave was out running errands. He had to go get ingredients for dinner, and things to make breakfast sausage.

When he came home, he had some breakfast and got busy assembling Dad’s new lift chair he purchased for him. We moved furniture and cleaned the floor, placing it where the incliner sofa was, then moved that to the wall opposite our sofa. Then it was time to test out the new ride. It worked great, and still features heat and massage.

The chair in the up position
Dad seems happy with it.

We are all so tired today, we’ve been resting every time we sit down, Dave and Dad have no problem napping, but I can never relax during the day time. So, I just rested my eyes and didn’t look at the tv or iPad for a bit. My shoulder is screaming like a toothache and my trap muscle is hard as a rock again. This new chair will help me too, as I won’t have to pull up on Dad as much. I don’t think that’s what’s got it tight again though, because I lift with my left arm. I think it’s lack of sleep and always being stressed about something. I haven’t been doing my exercises properly either, when I have the time, I’m exhausted. I have at least done the stretches, but that’s not enough.

Later, Dave gave him a shave and we dealt with his pain, and now he is resting comfortably, but I’m not.
All I can think of is what he must be thinking, because he doesn’t seem happy or grateful, more like he is just tolerating the situation and wondering why he is still here. My friend said I’m just gonna have to get used to him being this way until he comes to terms with it. But part of me wants to spell it out. Now you know why I have knots on my knots. When my brother had the chance to talk to him, he didn’t approach the subject either, and I think Dad would accept it more coming from him than me. Dad is not my biological dad, but he’s been my dad all my life, and I love him. He adopted me when he married Mom and that was when I was 2 1/2.

Well, this has stretched into more than just a SoCS, so I’ll go and let you move on to other reads. 🤗

Happy Labor Day wknd everyone!

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SoCS 08-28-21 Sprung!

The lovely Linda Hill suggests we start our SoCS with this:

Your Friday Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt is “my”. Start your post with the word “My”. Bonus points if you end your post with “yours”. Enjoy!

My dad is finally out of the hospital, but sadly did not get approved for rehab. He will be at my house until Tuesday when Home Health is supposed to start. I’m not holding my breath, but I am saying a prayer that they do.

He is not exactly happy about the arrangement. Kevin came over with dinner for us all (from Boston Market 😋) and when we were done eating, he got up to go home and mow. Dad proceeded to get up on his walker and go with him and we had to tell him, “No, Dad, you are staying here.” I explained it all in the hospital, but he either forgot, or was being obstinate. That’s the problem with trying to figure out is it dementia or just him being obstinate.

I distracted him, once we were seated again, and had him play me in a game of Words With Friends. It’s important he exercise his brain as well as his body. He can still play the game, he just has trouble with the device trying to do everything else. Starting, stopping, or if the page moves away, getting it back. It’s funny he can make words with the letters on the game, but if I ask him to write what he’s trying to say to me on the white board, what he wants to say does not translate to the board anymore. For example last night he wanted to know if Sean was coming over but he wrote More Sean? Sometimes I can make out what he’s saying, other times we have to try again.

In the meantime, Kevin and I are still looking at possibilities for placement when it becomes necessary, like an assisted living facility or skilled nursing care facility. We do have that meeting with the VA next month, and he is also checking other resources like The Knights of Columbus because my dad was a long-time member. One of the assisted living places called while we were on our way home from the hospital and she was on speaker! Awkward! I don’t think Dad can hear it thunder, but I was worried. Anyway, she said he might also get a discount from having worked at Bell Helicopter, but I don’t know if that’s true since he retired when he was 80.

Wish us luck and say lots of prayers this weekend goes well, I’m using the men around here to help with bathroom duties and strength while I’ve got them. Hopefully, by Monday, he will be stronger and not depend on me so much for things like that and lifting. We will get through somehow. Tuesday , Home Health is supposed to come here and show him what needs to be done, then he can go home and she will continue care with him there. That is the plan anyway.

I hope all is well with you and yours!

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SoCS 08-21-21

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “ode.” Find a one- or two-syllable word that rhymes with “ode,” or use the word “ode.” Have fun!

Ok, my head is about to explode!

I went over to check on my dad this morning, he recently fell on the driveway and had lots of soreness, scrapes, and I couldn’t reach my son who lives with him. Turns out his phone was on the charger, he was there helping Dad get dressed and arguing with him about why he needs to wear his undergarments all day as well as at night.

When I walked back to his bedroom, Sean told me Dad either fell out of bed last night, or fell trying to get up. Neither one is good, and two falls in one week is concerning to me. I have no idea what we are going to do, but something has to change. My brother and I are going to get together tonight and talk about options. Living with me is not an option. If Dad were to fall, I’m not strong enough to pick him up. I’m surprised Sean was able to both times.

Recently, I flushed his commode, and it overflowed! That was a mess from hell, and no one wants to deal with it. I felt like a plumber should be called, or a new toilet installed, but what do I know. Neither idea got any support. I told Dad don’t flush anything but human waste and a tiny bit of toilet paper. So far so good.

I’m thinking it’s time to start thinking of assisted living, because although Sean is there all day working, he can’t be coming out to check on Dad except at break and lunchtime. I go over several times a week and still worry constantly that when I leave, he will fall or something else will happen. Having Parkinson’s, being hard of hearing and unable to speak anymore due to Aphasia is taking a toll on everyone. I take care of all jus appointments, I arrange his medication, but he fights me on it. He is starting to forget it sometimes too.

I asked his doctor to arrange for home health on Thursday, I’ve yet to hear anything back. My brother and I are also trying to get him benefits from the VA, which will take forever I’m sure. I don’t know if home health is the answer. Being unable to communicate, I doubt home health will have the patience to figure out what he needs or wants. I think he would be happier somewhere where his meals will be on time and healthy. There will be people to attend to his issues, people to offer activities and so on.

My dad is stubborn too, thinking he can still do things like help in the yard, when clearly he can’t. He is prideful and I believe he has some dementia. It will be extremely difficult, but I think it’s time for a change. Wish us luck and say a prayer that we come to some resolution to this problem. I only want the best for my dad, and I want peace of mind. My knots have knots from constantly worrying and I’d like to be able to rest and know he is being properly cared for. My son is doing his best, but he is not a trained caregiver. My brother works out of town a lot. I’m exhausted and it’s taking a toll on my marriage, because my husband knows I’m always worrying about Dad and not being present on us and our life.

PS: I am getting treatment from Airrosti for my shoulder and it seems to be helping. Exercises, stretches, and manual manipulation by the doctor are releasing some of the knots slowly but surely.

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#SoCS 08-14-21

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “luck.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Photo credit: Wikipedia Ashwaganda plant.

Recently, I’ve been using a brand of CBD with ashwaganda, but ran out of my sample. I’m so lucky to have been gifted a bottle of ashwaganda capsules. They are a great stress reducer and make me feel calm and relaxed without any euphoria.

Just a warning though, before everyone rushes out to get some. All the research I’ve done suggests you only take it for three months. Now, I don’t know if that means it’s ok to take it for three months, stop for a while and take it again, or not. Further research on ashwaganda is necessary. But, for now, if it makes me feel as good as CBD, I’m keeping some around as a backup for days I don’t have any CBD.

Ashwaganda root before grinding.

It’s commonly ground and put in capsules, and the dosage varies, but mine is 800mg in two capsules to be taken once a day, they suggest after breakfast. It’s the brand Organic India and had it not been given to me, it runs about $18.99 per bottle. Totally with it!!

Warnings for pregnant women, and people on thyroid medication seem to say don’t use.

If you want to try it, ask your doctor if it interacts with any medications you’re on.

Since I’m in steroids right now for inflammation of my muscles, which makes me shaky, it helps to level me out.

Thanks to Linda G Hill for the #SoCS prompt today. We’re so lucky to have her! 🤗

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SoCS & WOD Challenges 07-24-21

God’s Paintbrush

Rigel for Unsplash

The sky was an impressive mix of colors, as if God’s paintbrush had been used to cheer up the dingy little town. Hues of blues, lavenders and pinks decorated the sky above the snow capped mountains, and the sleepy little town missed the whole picture.

I love sunrises as well as sunsets, especially on the beach, yet this picture captured so many beautiful colors mixed together, I just had to showcase this one!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “color/colour.” Use it as a noun, a verb, or pick a color and write about it–use it any way you like. Have fun!

It’s a toast 95 degrees here in the Hills today and I’d rather be swimming while my hubby plays golf, but I need to ready my house for my dad to come spend some time here next week while my oldest son goes on vacation. I’ve bought new sheets and a mattress protector for the guest bed, I need to clean up the room and make space for his clothes, so he will feel at home.

Ricotta deserts with fresh blueberries

Next, I’ll get the refrigerator cleaned up and make room for the things I’ll be bringing from his house that he likes to eat. I’d like to make more of this dessert I made for myself last week, I think Dad would like it too.

It’s kind of a trial run of sorts, to see if one day he might actually decide he would like to live with us. I know I would worry a lot less, and then Sean could see what it’s like to have only himself to manage, only himself to pay for things, and get himself in the right mindset for being on his own again.

I know Dad is more comfortable in his own house, but he has stairs to deal with and sharing the space with Sean these last five years must be sometimes stressful. Without going into details, things need to change. By Wednesday, I hope to have everything ready for Dad to spend a week here with us, pray it all works out well! Maybe we will have a cooler night or morning to watch a sunrise/sunset together.