WOD Challenge 4-24-20 Ludicrous Situation

Word of the Day Challenge

Good Morning…Buenas Dias!

How many of us are starting to feel like the situation we are still facing is becoming a bit ludicrous? People are chomping at the bit to get back to work, back to normal, back to our families and friends! Yet they are still calling for caution, and no one seems to be able to agree on who has the authority to tell us when it’s all ok to proceed. That in itself is ludicrous, I mean, who is in charge? The President? State leaders? Child abuse cases are up, gas prices are down, and no one has ever taken extreme measures like shutting the world down over the flu! How many people has that killed over the years???

In other news, several people lost their lives over the weekend due to the horrific storms that swept through Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia…do you not think it’s strange that so many people died while we are all right here at home? Why? Because we are all so sick of the news we are not watching tv and maybe missed the weather warnings? Just a thought.

Many churches went ahead with Easter services as usual, putting many people’s lives in jeopardy, who’s gonna take responsibility when hundreds more get sick? It’s a hard pill to swallow, and I hope they don’t live to regret their decisions. So. Do we stay home and stay safe a little while longer, or start to venture out again? Who will sound the all clear, and can we trust it? All of these things make for a ludicrous situation in my opinion, whatever that’s worth.

To lighten up the mood, let’s listen to a fun, upbeat song by the man himself! Roll Out by Ludacris

(Excuse the language, it IS Ludacris after all 🙂 )

Still made me want to dance!


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