3 thoughts on “This is true

  1. Thanks for the share. I have seen this woman in interview before but it was such a long video I didn’t watch it all. It’s chilling. And there’s nothing we can do. And I’m sure it does our immunity no good to stress over it. The machinations of academic/scientific institutions are not new to me. This is not the first scientist to be shut down and abused.
    Again, I thank you for the share. Take care.

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  2. KC says:

    Hi Kim…as you may already noticed, what you said would happen, did. YouTube removed the video for a ‘terms of service’ violation (or…..perhaps it’s another cover-up!) ;-D
    Anyway…I reverted my post back to ‘draft’ – so I’ve kept it but it’s not ‘public’ now.

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  3. Scary, isn’t it? Just as scary as your post today, I guess we are all sheep and it’s ok to poison the air we breathe because we are too stupid to figure out what they are doing…just like now with this virus? I just can’t even….


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