Seems the World is Backward

Seems the World is Backward

I’m almost ready for God to come take us. The world 🌎 has gone nuts. People are at each other’s throats and they have lost sight of the true reason why.

We are dealing with a pandemic that some but not everyone believes is even real, on top of all the other medical catastrophes and diseases we were already dealing with.

The weather is even a bit crazy lately, like it too is confused at the state of the world. Who knew some areas were still in the grip of winter in the middle of June? It’s been unseasonably cool even here in Texas the last couple of mornings.

I even wrote a little poem about our upside down, backwards world today for Cricket magazine, I’ll share it when and if it’s accepted.

I’ve been sharing every positive, uplifting, prayerful type post I come across on my social media feed trying to turn this thing around, because truly, only God can do it. All we can do is pray now. Pray for the right solution, pray for our leaders and their difficult decisions, pray for God to send Jesus to save our souls.

I have had to take Dad to several appointments this week, and we hated having to wear a mask, but we did it. You suck it up and do what is necessary to make it through. I don’t know what to say about the racial issues without getting myself in trouble, because it seems no matter what is said or done, someone will take it the wrong way. Everyone is too sensitive and PC these days, so I will just end with this:

I went to Richland high school, home of the Rebels. I’m proud to have been a Rebel, and now someone wants to change the name of my school and they are so confused, because they don’t even understand what our flag truly means and represents. I found this on Facebook today, so I’m sharing it in hopes it clears things up. But I know it won’t.

Just like they are desecrating graves, removing statues, and taking away guns from popular culture, the school will bow down to the powers that be no matter what. Because our world is full of spineless cowards who have no balls anymore. (sorry to be so frank).

I know it’s small so I’ll summarize: “Through the blood of Christ, with the protection of God, We, the13 states, are united in our Christian fight for liberty.”

I’m sure someone will read this and argue that it’s not true, but that is the way I see it. Our school never supported hate, injustice, or intolerance, but since everything is backward and upside-down, no one is listening to logic anymore. Just what’s on their own agenda.

So, say your prayers and have a good weekend if the Rapture doesn’t happen first!


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3 thoughts on “Seems the World is Backward

  1. lhoke2016@yahoo.com says:

    Good post. Our PC workd is so screwd up with so many things taboo, people can’t turn around without being accused of stepping on someone’s “feelings”.

    I can’t tolerate what happened to George Floyd or any other black person at the hands of rogue cops. My brother was a Clearwater cop – a good one. I was fortunate enough to ride with him on a check ride – real eye opener.

    I’m also a direct relative to a Confederste general, Gen. Robert F. Hoke. He was considered Lee’s number general. After the war he went home and never spoke of it again. No memoir, no book, no newspaper interviews, nothing. He put it totally out of his mind.

    I don’t know what all he did or how he treated people. I don’t or wouldnt condone bad behavior against blacks. It’s wrong no matter when or how it happens.

    Unfortunately, certain names have bad connotations right or wrong. People will react badly to a perceived injustice in hysterical ways.

    Don’t have an answer or solution. Only the good Lord can fix it. I pray hard every day.

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