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A Day on the Pond-CCC #97

A Day on the Pond

In response to Chrispina’s Creative Challenge #97

We went down to the beach to fish one day, yet there was no bait. So we ventured up to the ponds and the estuaries where bait is usually plentiful and Dave set about casting his net. I was inspired to try and get the perfect picture of him throwing the net and to my surprise, I managed it. Just as the net was in full “bloom” (these casting nets are tossed out over the water and drug back with just the rope) showing a perfect arc and everything! I wish I could find it to show you here, but you will just have to trust me on this. He’s caught bait this way in the ocean too, but here at the “pond” it was more successful most of the time. Our bait bucket now full, we cruised back to the beach and landed a huge bull red, some shark, and a picture to brag about to all of our friends. What a great day that was! I miss living close to the water in southeast Texas. Some day soon, I hope we can return because guess what? The bull reds are running right now!


8 thoughts on “A Day on the Pond-CCC #97

  1. Thank you, it was! You said we could answer with an essay, so I did…albeit a short one!

    (I don’t know why I can’t “like” some responses and/or blog posts. The WordPress editor is so frustrating sometimes!)


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